The Team


Strategic Vantage is a public relations, marketing and social media agency passionately serving companies in the
mortgage banking and financial services industries. Our company is composed of seasoned executives with many
years of experience working in the world of real estate finance, technology and banking. Our specialty is in exceeding
client expectations. And we do that, daily, which explains why most of our clients have come referred by other clients.


Our agency is headquartered in Miami, Florida, and our staff is based throughout the country,

ready to serve customers nationwide.


Strategic Vantage is staffed by a team of the best and the brightest, ensuring that clients don’t have to spend
time training newcomers. The team’s cumulative decades in mortgage banking, financial services and technology
are clearly evident, as are their many years of professional writing, marketing and media relations experience.

Rosalie Berg

President and CEO

Mary McGarity

Vice President

Warren Lutz

Vice President

Mike Murray

Director of Communications

Jim Hennessy

Writer, Advisor,
& Managing Director Emeritus

Ron Anderson

Account Supervisor


George Yacik

Senior Writer

Henry Drennan

Senior Account Manager

Keith Freeman

Social Media Specialist

Anna Kadushin

Operations Manager

Gloria Caballero

Marketing Coordinator


Companies in Mortgage Banking & Financial Services