Public Relations


Few companies have ever made it to the big time without publicizing their services. When it comes to publicity, though, there is far more to it than writing a press release and distributing it to the media.
Making a company well known and well liked requires the connections and foresight to be at the right place, at the right time.
At Strategic Vantage our relationships and credibility in our industry are among the most important foundations of our continued success. We have strong, long-standing relationships with reporters, conference organizers and industry influencers. Those key relationships enable us to secure valuable exposure to enhance our clients’ image and credibility, while catching the eye of both prospects and customers alike.


We continually secure our clients positive publicity in the media outlets of their choice, whether those are print, TV, radio or online in the national, local or trade press.


Writers are plentiful. On the other hand, it’s rare to find talented writers who truly understand the mortgage and financial services space, and know how to leverage that knowledge for marketing, social media and public relations purposes. That makes all the difference in the world– and that’s where we come in.

All Strategic Vantage account professionals are not only skilled writers, they also have many years of mortgage banking and financial services industry expertise. Our staff routinely writes articles, white papers, press releases, sales presentations, content for websites, brochures, advertising text– even full-length books on our industry.

In fact, our writers are so well respected by editors that you’ll often find feature articles in leading magazines and newspapers that were authored by our own staff.
Read some of our published works right here:



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By Warren Lutz, Vice PresidentFeatured in: Mortgage Banking View Article

The Lawyer, the Scientists
and the Quest for the Grail

By Jim Hennessy, Managing DirectorFeatured in: Mortgage Banking View Article

Loyal to Lenders

By Mary McGarity, Vice PresidentFeatured in: Mortgage Banking View Article


There’s something about winning an award that gets prospects to listen and clients to remain loyal. Over the past few years, Strategic Vantage has secured numerous awards for its clients, including:



SourceMedia’s Mortgage Technology Awards

  • Comergence– Fix-It Award, 2014
  • Veros– Transforming Valuations Award, 2014
  • FormFree– Fix-It Award, 2013
  • Richey May and Motivity– Synergy Award, 2013
  • Wingspan Portfolio Advisors– Servicer of the Year Award, 2012
  • Veros– Synergy Award, 2010
  • Jay Meadows– Steve Frasier Award, 2010
  • DRI Management Systems’ Duke Olrich– Lasting Impact Award, 2010
  • Wingspan Portfolio Advisors– Servicer of the Year Award, 2009
  • Mortgage Builder Software– Help Desk Award, 2008
  • Rapid Reporting– Fix-It Award, 2007
  • Market Kinetix– Release of the Year Award, 2007
  • Avista Solutions– Help Desk Award, 2007
  • Ellie Mae– Synergy Award, 2006
  • Overture Technologies’ Bill Kelvie– Lasting Impact Award, 2006
  • MortgageHub’s Bill Adamowski– Steve Frasier Award, 2006
  • WellFound Decade– 10x Award, 2005

PROGRESS in Lending’s Innovation Awards

  • FormFree– 2014
  • NCS– 2013
  • DecisionReady– 2012
  • LoanSifter– 2012
  • Sperlonga– 2012
  • DRI Management Systems– 2011

Mortgage Banking IT All-Stars

  • Jonathan Corr, Ellie Mae
  • Tim Anderson, Signia Docs
  • Bill Adamowski, ISGN
  • Darius Bozorgi, Veros
  • Matt Martin, MMREM
  • Harry Gardner, Signia Docs
  • Jay Meadows, Rapid Reporting
  • Stanley Street, Street Resource Group
  • Jeff Bradford, Bradford Technologies
  • Bill Kelvie, Overture Technologies
  • Keven Smith, Mortgage Builder
  • EJ Kite, Wingspan Portfolio Advisors
  • Duke Olrich, DRI Management Systems
  • Ravi Ramanathan, DecisionReady
  • Rich Rollins, Infusion Technologies
  • And many more


We help clients conceptualize and secure speaking engagements at conferences hosted by organizations such as the Mortgage Bankers Association and SourceMedia. We notify clients when proposals are due, suggest timely topics, and write compelling proposals. We can also recommend suitable panelists who will help strengthen the proposal.