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As many companies prepare for upcoming conventions and focus on putting their best foot forward, it’s a great time to think about how your company will be perceived. So I ask you this: if you were to launch your company today, what branding would it have? Would you choose your current logo, name, colors and tagline? Chances are, you would not.


Why? Because companies evolve. Like bell bottom jeans, logos, taglines and brand identities can become outdated. And no matter the size or specialty of a company, rebranding is critical to success. Brands must evolve and adapt to the times.


But I Like My Bell-Bottoms…


The hard part is that management teams tend to get so accustomed to their current brand, the need for change is not always evident. After all, CEOs, sales executives and operations managers don’t spend their days pondering the company’s image. But ultimately, the image of the company has an enormous impact on the company’s success.


The good news is that rebrands come in many shapes and sizes—and they need not be expensive. How to know if you need one? Here are four clues:


  • The Look is No Longer Contemporary: Is your logo’s appearance in line with today’s design standards? Keep in mind that designs are far cleaner now than they were just 5-10 years ago. Fonts are becoming thinner, drop shadows are fading away, and icons are being simplified.


  • The Tagline Doesn’t Describe Your Company: Ask yourself—does the tagline still represent what you most want to say? Client needs and company identities evolve considerably over time. Don’t get stuck with an outdated tagline that no longer speaks to what you offer and what your prospects want or need.


  • The Name is Confusing or Steers Prospects Away: Does your company name accurately signify what you do, or does it confuse prospects? Or might it be limiting your ability to cross sell to your current customers, because your name is so narrow that they don’t imagine you can offer so much more?


  • The Colors are Dated or Overused: Colors, like anything else, go out of style, and some colors have been overdone. Think of red, white and blue. As patriotic as the colors are, they are arguably the most overused colors in the mortgage industry. In other words, they will not set you apart.


Just Do It


Unless you’re the size of MSN or eBay, rebranding need not be a months-long process. But most likely, you’ll need outside help—someone with a fresh view of your branding to figure out what needs to be done. After all, chances are your logo is your baby, and who doesn’t love one’s own baby?


Rebranding will involve evaluating and possibly updating your logo, fonts, colors and tagline. It is a great time to evaluate who your target audience truly is, what you are offering, and how you compare to your competitors. Does your brand represent you well? Chances are, it’s missing the mark somewhere.


Reach out to me for a complimentary review of your branding. If your company needs a rebrand, I’ll be happy to share my thoughts on what needs to be done. You can reach me at

By Rosalie Berg, President, Strategic Vantage