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Bond, James Bond.

Many images come to mind when we hear those words.  No matter his various incarnations by different actors, virtually everyone knows who James Bond is and has a solid image of what James Bond stands for.

We could all learn a lot from James Bond and his brand. Whether you’re planning your marketing activities or are laser focused on making revenues grow, Mr. Bond can provide invaluable insights into how to make your company shine. Here are four:

1. What’s in a name?
I estimate that over the years I have provided marketing or public relations services to well over 100 companies.  Easily, one third of those companies opted to refer to themselves by an acronym.  After all, they got tired of writing out the two or three words that made up their name. So a company by the name of Trust Advisors, Inc., might refer to itself as TAI over time.

The problem with acronyms is that they usually have no meaning to an outsider.  Unless you’re Kentucky Fried Chicken, and the concept of frying chicken gets mixed reviews so you change your name to KFC, there are few great reasons to shorten your name into an acronym.  Instead, it’s far wiser to play it up, just like Bond, James Bond.

2. Not from Walmart
When we visualize James Bond, we visualize a man who is sharply dressed.  Whether he’s wearing a button down shirt or a perfectly tailored tux, he looks impeccable.  No, his suit did not come from Walmart.  He spares no expense to look his best, and it pays off.  When one looks at James Bond, his buttoned up appearance alone elicits a sense of trust.

Like people, companies are judged by their image.  Look at your sales presentation.  Evaluate your website.  Ponder your exhibit booth.  Critique your business card.  Do they look sharp?  Are they creating the right image?  If you have a shadow of doubt, it’s time to take action, as your company’s future is at stake.

3. Wash, rinse, repeat
If you’ve seen more than one James Bond movie, you know they have a lot of in common.  The opening sequence with a gun-wielding Bond, the inevitable mean-looking villains and the beautiful, svelte women have all become trademarks of a James Bond movie.  Repetition has created familiarity.  We know the James Bond brand and we know it well.

Take a cue from 007: create a fabulous brand and then stick to it. Your prospects, clients and business partners will get to know you for your branding.  But don’t confuse this for sticking with a poorly created brand.  Make sure you look sharp before committing to a brand for years.

4. Here, there, everywhere
After seeing a great trailer for the latest James Bond movie, one may be intrigued.  If one sees the trailer and then reads an article about the movie or a comment on social media, one is far more likely to take action and go see the movie.  Marketing, public relations and social media were engaged, in concert, and they played off each other beautifully.

Conversion rates skyrocket when prospects are reached repeatedly and through various mediums, and that applies to promoting companies.  Don’t hope to market your company once or twice per year and be done.  Like promotions for the latest James Bond movie, you need to be here, there and everywhere to not only catch the attention of prospects, but to generate a response, too.

So how do you start your mission to emulate James Bond?  First, think big.  Few companies achieve greatness by thinking small.  When you think big, you’ll start thinking like the promoters of Bond and its enduring brand.

If you need help figuring out how to best brand your company and spread the word about it, just let me know.  I can be reached at

By Rosalie Berg, President, Strategic Vantage