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One of the many things we do here at Strategic Vantage is help our clients become well-known as thought leaders in the industry.  A great way to do this is to get articles published under their byline.  These articles give our clients credibility and sought-after attention from prospects. And that’s not all.  Getting published has countless benefits.

Here are five reasons to consider this key tactic:

1. You get the limelight. In a news article, you usually share the spotlight. Why have a reporter decide who gets quoted? Assuming your bylined article is well written, well researched and doesn’t read like an advertorial, you’ll get all the attention.

2. You control the content. Unlike a news article, in which the reporter sets the tone, submitting an article gives you far greater control over the message and what gets published.

3. You establish yourself as a source for future stories. Contributing an article establishes you as an expert on the topic. Reporters and editors will likely take note, so once you’ve been published, they will be much more likely to call you for a quote or include you in their stories.

4. You’re establishing a brand. Whether you’re establishing a name and image for yourself or your company, contributing articles raises your visibility industry-wide.

5. You get a great sales tool. Once your article is published online or in print, you can use it to reach out to prospects. Order reprints and send them to clients, add it to your promotional packet, post a link to the article on your company website and social media pages, or use it on your blog (as long as you get permission from the original publication first). The more circulation your article gets, the higher you’ll turn up on search engines, and potential customers will more easily find you.

If you’re ready to start contributing articles to target publications, keep in mind your article will reflect either favorably or poorly on your company.  Don’t be shy about hiring a writer.  In fact, many contributed articles are either edited or ghostwritten by a third party, since many busy executives don’t have the time or skill to write these articles—or find a place that will publish them.

That’s where a good public relations firm comes in.  We can secure a commitment for a media outlet to publish your article even before it’s written, and can then write an article that will make you proud.  If you’d like our help, contact us at or call (305) 971-6239.

By Rosalie Berg, President, Strategic Vantage