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Exhibiting is not inexpensive. So if you’re going to do it, it’s critical to make sure you get optimal ROI.

It’s easy to assume that your exhibit staff will know how to best take advantage of the opportunity. But that’s a huge assumption considering how much you’ve spent to exhibit. So rather than assuming they are expert exhibitors, it’s wise to share some important tips with those who will be in charge of your booth. As a starting point, here are five key mistakes your staff will want to avoid:

1. Placing a table at the front of your exhibit space

Studies have shown that having a table that separates your exhibit staff from prospects discourages prospects from engaging with you. After all, you want prospects to enter your space and feel immersed in your exhibit booth and your company. So move that table to one side, and ensure the area of the exhibit hall you reserved is actually welcoming prospects, not pushing them away.

2. Sitting in chairs in the booth 

Sitting endlessly at your exhibit booth creates the image that nothing is going on at your booth, and can even cast the impression that you’re just counting down the minutes until closing time. So instead, encourage prospects to sit down and rest their tired feet, giving you the opportunity to speak to them about your product or services.

3. Having personal belongings showing

Your exhibit booth is no place for clutter. Put jackets away and keep your random objects nicely hidden. The less cluttered and tidier your booth, the better.

4. Eating meals at your booth

Need we say more?

5. Waiting for prospects to come

Staff your booth with outgoing people who are driven to initiate conversations with strangers. This is no time for wallflowers. If your booth staff is likely to just wait for someone to talk to them, they’re not ideal for the job.

Now that you have these five important tips, make sure to share them! The last thing you want is to invest in exhibiting, yet fall short of your potential. And if we can be of any assistance with your public relations, marketing or social media needs, just reach out. I can be contacted at