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Everyone wants publicity. But distributing a press release into the news mix does not guarantee that an editor or reporter will notice it, much less read it and cover it in their publication. 

Every day editors and reporters covering the mortgage industry are bombarded with press releases from companies touting their latest offering. Don’t let yours get lost in the mix. Here are five tricks to getting your press release noticed.

1. Write a headline that looks like it belongs in a newspaper.
Make sure that it’s in an active voice and clearly captures the news, such as “XYZ Expands Operations to Florida.”

2. Think like a reporter.
Write your press release so it sounds like a news story covering the “who, what, where, when, why and how.”  Make sure it’s written according to the AP stylebook, which most reporters follow when they write.  And don’t over-use adjectives. Stick to the facts.

3. Summarize your message in the first sentence.
Write an opening sentence and paragraph that succinctly describe your new product or service in language that can be easily understood by a reporter. Avoid using technical or industry jargon that might confuse reporters. And clearly describe what your product or service is and does, and how it benefits your customers and your industry.

4. Explain the problem being solved.
Rather than just describing your product or service, explain how it will help customers with their business. If possible, provide an example of a company that is using your product to meet an industry challenge.

5. Provide a quote that is newsworthy.
Steer clear of quotes that only praise your company and its product or service without providing any evidence of its significance.  Plus, we recommend you try to avoid “we are so excited to…” quotes. Reporters are tired of them.

Whatever you do, keep in mind that the press release should be professional and represent your company well. Don’t be hesitant to get help from a public relations agency as this is their area of expertise. Above all, you’re looking to make a good impression!

If you need a press release written to receive optimal press coverage, we can help. We’ll distribute your release to our extensive database of reporters, so you won’t need to incur hefty newswire distribution fees.  We’ll also proactively reach out to reporters to solicit interviews and great coverage of your news. Find out how easy it can be. Reach us at


By Rosalie Berg, President, Strategic Vantage

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