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How do you maximize ROI for your next conference? You prepare– and you prepare intelligently. Don’t merely repeat your old pre-conference routine. It’s time to consider new tactics. So here are five smart pre-conference tactics you and your team can leverage to maximize your investment.

1. Leverage Social Media
A great, free way to let your contacts know you plan to attend an upcoming conference is to simply post on your social media platforms.  Use the conference hashtag, and ask people to let you know if they plan to attend.  Be sure to include an image with your post so that it gets more attention. Once you’ve arrived at the conference, you can also post photos from the event as well as commentary on what’s going on.

2. Create Buzz
You want prospects thinking about you as they head to the conference.   Get your publicist to increase outreach to the press and get the buzz going.  After all, right before a conference is a great time to appear in the press with positive new stories about your company.

3. Hone Your Elevator Pitch
Prepare for the conference by making sure you have a great 30-second elevator pitch.  If you don’t have a quick pitch that is sure to pique the interest of a prospect, now is the time to come up with one.  Then practice it with a colleague until it is perfect.  You need to sound convincing, compelling and sharp.

 4. Consider a Face-Lift
If your website, business card, sales presentation or marketing collateral have not been updated in a while, give them a face-lift before the conference.  Chances are your marketing could use a refresh, even if you’re not aware of it.  And if you have a new product or service you’ll be announcing, make sure it’s well explained and promoted on your website.

 5. Tap your Contacts
Let your contacts know you’ll be attending the conference and request that they meet with you there. You can reach them via an email or direct mail campaign — but don’t wait until the last minute.  It’s amazing to me how many event pre-show postcards I receive after I get back from a conference.

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By Rosalie Berg, President, Strategic Vantage