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New Digital Home Lender Launches in U.S. Market with $7.6 Million in Seed Funding Allowing Homebuyers and Refinancers to Breathe Easier

May 19, 2020 — PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Introducing Beeline, the new digital home loan lender modernizing the home buying process directly from users’ phones providing approvals more reliable than traditional pre-approvals in as little as 15 minutes. A new solution for home-buyers and refinancers looking for more transparency and ease, Beeline uses both artificial intelligence  and personal “Loan Guides” to cut down on headaches during the daunting home lending process. Beeline has also raised $7.6 million in equity capital to date, which will enable the platform to begin its radical vision for transparent home-buying in its initial markets: Washington, D.C., Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Texas, and Virginia. The platform is directly available via .

The way the platform works is simple: Beeline links directly to a user’s personal bank, employment and pay information, and tax history, utilizing machine learning to create a ‘purchase-ready’ or  refi-ready’ approval. Because of its proprietary back-end technology, Beeline is able to retrieve  actual numbers directly from the third-party source as opposed to estimated information from the  user, which in turn allows Beeline to verify loan-related information in real time. This reduces  Beeline’s costs, enabling them to offer the lowest possible interest rates.

In addition to its thoughtful use of machine learning to streamline the loan application process, the entire experience, from applying, lending, title to closing, can be catered to each individual. Applications can be completed without talking to a single person or, if desired, can be  facilitated by their personal Beeline Loan Guide who can be reached via direct message, email,   phone, or however the home-buyer prefers to communicate.

“With Beeline, we’re using the best technology and user-first design to improve the humanity of home lending and make it less transactional,” Beeline General Counsel/CCO and Co-Founder Jess Kennedy said. “People can skip the hard stuff, experience fewer paperwork headaches and quickly get to the end goal, which is finding the home of your dreams.”

By directly linking to applicants’ actual data sources in real time, the results are lightning-fast because there’s no need to go back and verify estimated information. As the platform works to gather a user’s complete financial profile, it is able to create an earlier and more accurate read of someone’s eligibility, which means Beeline can trigger the appraisal and title processes earlier  han other lenders. This allows Beeline to work at whatever speed the user desires, meaning consumers can complete applications, loans, and approvals earlier, allowing them to close as early as they choose.

“With Beeline, users can apply and get a reliable approval in minutes without leaving their sofa, or even their home,” added Beeline Vice President of Brand and Co-Founder Greg Ellis. “There’s no waiting, wondering, or worrying about what’s going on. After all, home buying is stressful enough; you shouldn’t have to feel bullied about the loan. We want to help bring back the excitement of buying a new home or the freedom of refinancing on your own terms.”

Beeline has 30 staff and is led by real estate industry veterans across lending, mortgage-services and investment banking, Nick Liuzza, CEO and co-founder, Peter Gonzalez, CFO and co-founder, and Jess Kennedy, general counsel/CCO and co-founder, and tech entrepreneurs Greg Ellis, VP of brand/product and co-founder, and Jay Stockwell, VP of marketing and co-founder. Beeline plans to expand its offering to 10 additional states by the end of 2020.

Beeline is currently available through and is mobile-responsive for easy use on mobile devices. Users can follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn for more updates. For more information, please visit

For visual assets, founder bios and headshots, FAQ and more, please access the media kit here .


About Beeline

Beeline is a U.S. home lender that gives consumers the shortest path to realize their dreams of a new home or refinancing. A radical new way to apply without the hassle of filling out long, tedious documents, Beeline lets consumers link directly to their actual numbers in seconds, giving Beeline the most accurate information, and users the lowest rates. Best of all, applications can all be done in 15 minutes from the comfort of your home or a mobile device. Beeline is based in Providence, R.I., and currently operates in Texas, Florida, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Virginia. Find out more at