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Complete marketing ecosystem for lenders includes lead recapture tools, predictive analytics and automated marketing campaigns

October 12, 2021 – IRVINE, Calif. – Big Purple Dot, provider of an ecosystem of mortgage marketing technologies, announced it has added SMS/MMS video marketing into its all-in-one CRM lead management platform. The new SMS/MMS video tool, which comes with the Big Purple Dot platform at no extra charge, empowers mortgage professionals to engage and retain customers in today’s highly competitive lending environment.

The video marketing tool lets mortgage lenders, brokers and loan officers create, customize, and send videos to homebuyers through text and email messages. It is integrated into other Big Purple Dot services, including lead recapture tools, predictive analytics, and automated marketing campaigns.

“In today’s extraordinary competitive mortgage market, being able to personalize the consumer experience is key,” said Big Purple Dot CEO Roxana Davidoff. “Enhancing our marketing platform with text-enabled video gives originators the ability to tailor their messages to current market conditions and stand apart from their rivals.”

In addition to SMS/MMS video services, the Big Purple Dot platform enables loan officers to access prebuilt marketing content, automated marketing campaigns, and workflow management tools. The platform even includes tools for mortgage originators to recruit new loan officers and team members.

The SMS/MMS video marketing tool lets originators create, personalize, and manage videos utilizing a simple interface. The videos can include customized images, backgrounds, and text, as well as logos and transitions. Users start with a customizable template and can add professional-grade title and end page designs to their liking.

Once the video is created, users can quickly and confidently send it by email or text. Shorter, “snapshot” videos can also be delivered through Market Pulse, a Big Purple Dot service that lets originators deliver industry news and updates to their clients. Market Pulse comes with custom title pages that can include the originator’s logo, picture, and contact information.

“Video is the most effective marketing tool on the planet right now, and mortgage originators that aren’t using this powerful medium to grow business will soon be at a disadvantage,” Davidoff added. “For us, it’s all about constant innovation and enabling our clients to create a personal touch that sets them apart.”

Big Purple Dot plans to announce further enhancements to its marketing platform during the first quarter of next year.

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About Big Purple Dot
Irvine, California-based Big Purple Dot provides an ecosystem of marketing technologies and products that enable real estate professionals and mortgage originators to generate and manage customer relationships and grow business. At the heart of the Big Purple Dot ecosystem is a CRM lead management and recapture platform that leverages predictive analysis as well as personalized, prebuilt marketing content, automated marketing campaigns, and SMS/MMS video services—all in a single platform that additionally lets users connect with their partners and others on their team throughout each transaction. The Big Purple Dot app is available at the Apple Store and Google. To learn more, visit