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Let’s face it: the current state of the mortgage market is far from rosy. Right now, the top priority for most companies is to generate new business opportunities and outshine struggling competitors. But here’s the question: have you truly exhausted all your sales and marketing tools, or is there an untapped resource waiting to propel your success?

Enter public relations — a powerhouse that, when harnessed correctly, will supercharge your sales efforts. And there’s no better time to use it than now.

Here’s how PR works and why you should pay close attention:

1. Eight Touchpoints to a Sale

In sales, success demands a calculated approach. According to a 2019 study by HubSpot, it takes eight touchpoints to convert a prospect. And that’s where PR comes into play.

By working tirelessly behind the scenes, PR positions your brand for victory by orchestrating a symphony of touchpoints throughout the buyer’s journey. And in a market in which everyone is vying for attention, PR ignites your brand’s visibility, transforms it into a compelling narrative, and propels you ahead of the pack.

2. From Awareness to Conversion: PR’s Vital Role

Strategic PR acts as a prospect’s guiding light at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Through targeted media relations, participating in industry events, and captivating thought leadership pieces, PR instigates awareness, fuels credibility, and empowers prospects with education and insights.

By showcasing your expertise and addressing the pain points of your prospects, PR ensures that your brand shines brightest when prospects are considering who they can trust. It also cements relationships with key stakeholders, which can be critical to success.

I often say that PR is a lot like sales. You can do a lot of it or do a little. That’s why at Strategic Vantage, our PR services can be leveraged to suit a variety of budgets, from small projects to media campaigns and targeted thought leadership initiatives,

So don’t let the market challenges dampen your spirit. Get PR on your side and start propelling your sales to new heights. I’d be happy to show you how. Just contact me at


By Rosalie Berg

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