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The firm is recognized for its innovative services in the small-cap CRE market

Stamford, Conn., June 3, 2019 — Boxwood Means, LLC, a leading national provider of commercial evaluations and data analytics for the small-cap commercial real estate market, announced today that it was named a Top Finance Influencer in the CRE industry by Real Estate Forum magazine. Real Estate Forum’s Top Finance Influencer list honors the people and firms that have shaped the CRE market through their innovations, best practices and/or deal-making.

Boxwood Means was recognized for two vital roles that the company plays in the small commercial property arena: the firm’s technology-intensive platform for speedy, cost effective procurement and delivery of its commercial evaluation reports, and its important contributions to proprietary research in the small-cap CRE market.

The $200 billion small-balance commercial loan origination market is notable for its competitiveness and time-to-close sensitivities, and commercial bank and nonbank lenders have prioritized the need to reduce lending costs and to keep pace with fleet-footed rivals. To help achieve these goals, many lenders have flocked to Boxwood’s flagship FieldSmart series of commercial evaluations, which represent a less-costly and faster alternative to commercial appraisals on lower-risk commercial mortgages. Boxwood’s highly automated and scalable platform enables over 200 commercial lenders to quickly and easily order and retrieve completed reports and track order status. The product has powered the firm’s 30% volume growth in each of the last three years.

In addition, Boxwood’s pioneering investment-related market data and analytics have vested small-balance lenders and investors with greater transparency into the dynamics of the small-cap CRE domain. For example, the firm’s popular small-cap property price trends covering 125 metro areas and independent reporting on state-level small-balance loan originations are employed by hundreds of market participants, ranging from credit analysts, underwriters and portfolio risk managers to market strategists and lending officers.

“We are excited to receive acknowledgment by Real Estate Forum for the groundbreaking products we’ve developed and refined over the past 16 years,” said Randy Fuchs, a Boxwood principal and co-founder. “As the need for technology-enhanced asset valuation and market-monitoring tools in the small-balance lending market grows, Boxwood will continue to drive innovation and create additional value for our clients.”

Boxwood’s recognition by Real Estate Forum follows its recent selection by FinXTech as a partner in FinXTech Connect, its online directory of emerging financial technology companies serving financial institutions.

About Boxwood Means

Boxwood Means, LLC ( is a leading national provider of property valuations and data analytics in the small commercial property and loan markets. The firm’s technology-driven solutions, featuring a full range of commercial evaluation products complemented by small-cap CRE price indices and market research, support the investment and risk management needs of over 200 banks, nonbank lenders and investors nationwide.