ClearValue Consulting Launches Property VeriPix Validation Technology

October 13, 2021

New technology helps mortgage lenders weed out fraudulent and manipulated photos provided by third parties

October 13, 2021 – Chandler, Arizona –  ClearValue Consulting, a leading provider of enterprise-class vendor management technology for the mortgage industry, announced the launch of Property VeriPix™, a photographic validation and chain of custody technology that verifies the location, date and time of subject property photos provided by third parties.

By automatically validating the authenticity of every property photo, Property VeriPix helps weed out fraudulent activity and engenders greater trust between property inspectors, field agents and other third parties that provide property photos and mortgage lenders making lending and investment decisions.

ClearValue Consulting has been providing enterprise-class vendor management technology for forward-thinking mortgage organizations for more than a decade. Its clients and partners include some of the industry’s largest lenders, title insurance and outsourced services providers, including Altisource, Old Republic, Computershare and SWBC.

Property VeriPix is available at no cost to users of ClearValue Consulting’s Acuity platform, which empowers lenders to manage the entire lifecycle of vendor engagement. The new technology also works in tandem with ClearValue’s Sluice mobile application, a best-in-class vendor communication and data harvesting management platform. Like all ClearValue technologies, Property VeriPix is provided through a secure, SOC-2-compliant proprietary platform to ensure all client data is kept safe.

“Our mortgage lending customers rely on photographs and associated metadata to support condition and value conclusions, but digital content can be easily manipulated,” said ClearValue Consulting President and Chief Technology Officer Kevin Musick. “Using the latest cryptography tools, Property VeriPix certifies whether photos are authentic as well as who took them and when, so lenders can have confidence that what they ordered is what they received. In a changing landscape, lenders can count on ClearValue to manage third parties effectively and compliantly.”

The company’s Acuity platform manages vendor selection, validation, performance, and distribution of work while ensuring regulatory compliance. The platform also proactively manages orders throughout the lifecycle to reduce human intervention while ensuring the prompt delivery of third-party products and services.

ClearValue’s mobile workforce management application, Sluice, enables field agents to accept orders, locate subject properties, gather inspection data, and capture geo-tagged photographs, all while on the go.

Company executives will be attending the MBA Annual Convention and Expo being held October 17-20 in San Diego. Those interested in meeting with the company can reach out to 866-843-4488 x105 or email


About ClearValue Consulting Inc.
Founded in 2009, ClearValue Consulting helps mortgage lenders reduce the time and effort spent managing third party relationships while enabling appraisal management companies, title agencies, and other third-party service providers to increase productivity and generate more business. The company has more than 10 years of experience developing technologies to streamline processes involved with providing and managing third-party work. The company is based in Chandler, Arizona. For more information, visit