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Unification of business represents major development in property industry

May 21, 2018 – New York, NY – Computershare Loan Services announced today a new, unified identity designed to reflect the company’s status as a top US provider of end-to-end mortgage operations for originators, servicers and investors.

Under the rebranding campaign, four companies have come together under the umbrella of Computershare Loan Services, a leading international third-party mortgage servicing company with more than $100 billion of assets under management:

  • Capital Markets Cooperative, LLC a provider of products and services for a nationwide network of more than 400 participating companies
  • Credit Risk Solutions LLC (formerly Altavera Mortgage Services), a leading provider of outsourced residential mortgage origination services
  • Computershare Property Solutions LLC, a provider of collateral valuation, title and asset management services
  • Specialized Loan Servicing LLC, a top-rated servicer with more than ten years’ history of sub-servicing loan portfolios

Computershare Loan Services also announced the launch of a new corporate website at

“Over the past several years, Computershare Loan Services has grown into an industry leader and a visionary end-to-end mortgage operations partner for originators, servicers and investors,” Computershare Loan Services CEO Nick Oldfield said. “This rebranding campaign is a significant step in our history, as it reflects both our growth and our mission: to deliver unparalleled experience, products, services and solutions for the mortgage industry.​​​​​​​​​

“Rebranding under one name enables us to leverage the combined strengths of our family of companies better,” Oldfield added. “By integrating all areas of the mortgage lifecycle, Computershare Loan Services has also transformed into the ultimate mortgage partner.”

About Computershare Loan Services

 Computershare Loan Services, is a leading international third-party mortgage servicing company, currently administering over $100 billion of assets. We continue to invest in technology and servicing enhancements globally and in mortgage servicing rights across the USA. We help mortgage lenders optimize the performance of their portfolios and support hundreds of thousands of borrowers throughout the lifecycle of every loan. Our expertise, experience and understanding of large volumes of complex financial data also help us provide insight and services to mortgage providers, investors and real estate professionals.

 About Computershare Limited

Computershare (ASX: CPU) is a global market leader in transfer agency and share registration, employee equity plans, mortgage servicing, proxy solicitation and stakeholder communications. We also specialize in corporate trust, bankruptcy, class action and utility administration, and a range of other diversified financial and governance services.

Founded in 1978, Computershare is renowned for its expertise in high integrity data management, high volume transaction processing and reconciliations, payments and stakeholder engagement. Many of the world’s leading organizations use us to streamline and maximize the value of relationships with their investors, employees, creditors and customers. Computershare is represented in all major financial markets and has over 16,000 employees worldwide.