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New mortgage product expands home financing options to more borrowers
-Self-employed borrowers, those with recent bankruptcies and housing events
and borrowers with FICO scores as low as 580 may qualify-

May 18, 2018 – Middletown, Rhode Island – Embrace Home Loans, a prominent lender in the mortgage industry, announced the launch of beyond, the company’s new  mortgage program designed to help more borrowers achieve their homeownership dreams.

Because it is free of the typical qualifiers required by other mortgage products, beyond is a truly unique option for underserved borrowers. Under the beyond program, self-employed borrowers and borrowers with a FICO score as low as 580 may qualify for a mortgage. Borrowers may also qualify if only two years have passed since they experienced a bankruptcy or a foreclosure, which is a significantly shorter period than required by other investors. Fannie Mae, for example, requires borrowers to wait four years after a foreclosure before they can be approved for a conventional loan. beyond loans can be obtained for up to $2 million in financing and can be used on non-warrantable condos as well.

The beyond program will be backed by Embrace Home Loans’ diligent underwriting methods, which apply a more thorough analysis of a borrower’s ability to pay than conventional methods. The average Embrace loan closing period is 21 days, significantly shorter than the industry average of around 40 days.

“We are thrilled to bring to market a loan product that helps more people achieve their dreams of homeownership,” said Embrace Home Loans CEO Dennis Hardiman. “beyond is more than a smart, timely response to today’s affordability challenges. By expanding homeownership opportunities, we’re helping more families attain long-term financial stability—and that’s what we are about.”


About Embrace Home Loans
Founded in 1983, Embrace Home Loans has remained a prominent leader in the industry, having afforded borrowers and financial institutions an exceptional mortgage experience. Licensed in 46 states and D.C., Embrace has been recognized seven times as one of the Best Medium-sized Companies to Work for in America by Fortune and five times as one of the Fastest Growing Companies in America by Inc. The company has also been recognized twelve times as one of the Best Places to Work in Rhode Island, as the Most Community Involved Company in Rhode Island, and the Leadership Excellence Award by Providence Business News. The company is based in Middletown, Rhode Island.  For more information, please visit