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In the limited warehouse tech space, warehouse lenders finally have a new, superior alternative

October 15, 2023 Seattle, WA Fintech provider Forta Solutions today announced the launch of Agility™, a groundbreaking warehouse lending platform that offers warehouse lenders unparalleled transparency, efficiency and a faster, more secure path to liquidity. Designed by warehouse lenders and built with modern technology, Agility features APIs that enable seamless integrations with both internal and third-party vendors’ systems, a first in the warehouse lending industry.

Agility’s official launch comes after months of extensive field testing and consultation with key industry stakeholders including prominent warehouse lenders and mortgage technology experts. Forta built various modules into Agility, so lenders are able to buy only what they need.

Agility features customized dashboards and real-time updates to help warehouse lenders optimize their staff, as well as system-friendly APIs to ensure their accounting and back-end systems are integrated smoothly. Agility includes automated decisioning engines, allowing funds to flow much more quickly, and is bank InfoSec-compliant, delivering a higher level of security.

“The market has spoken,” said Kathy Hancock, CEO and co-founder of Forta. “By incorporating our experience as warehouse lenders and feedback from our advisors and consultations, we’ve made sure Agility is not just another platform, but a fairly priced and powerful alternative for warehouse lenders that blends compliance, flexibility and easy integrations. Finally, warehouse lenders can free themselves from outdated technology and get everything they need without the cost and risk of external work-arounds.”

Agility was built by industry veterans who have successfully launched businesses in warehouse lending and mortgage technology. Hancock previously founded Avlis Partners, LLC, which she grew into the largest non-bank independent warehouse lender in just five years. Forta Co-founder and Chairman Chris Saitta has launched numerous successful mortgage technology companies, including Equator, Resitrader and LauraMac.

“We believe the industry will immediately see the enormous value Agility offers,” Saitta said. “With Agility, we’re not just changing the way warehouse lending is done, we’re setting a new industry standard for operational efficiency and data-driven decisioning. We hope warehouse lenders will be blown away.”

Forta plans to launch its first client later this year with others scheduled throughout the first half of 2024. 

“The market reception has been incredibly positive,” Hancock said. “At a time when warehouse lenders are doing everything they can to lower costs and operate more efficiently, it’s clear there is an urgent need for a platform like Agility.”  

“The Forta Solutions Agility Warehouse Lending software is impressive in its design and intuitive functionality,” said an executive with a national mortgage warehouse bank. “It is apparent the team at Forta has taken the time and energy to create a platform that effectively supports both the warehouse lender and the warehouse borrower.”

For more information on Agility, contact  or visit Forta Solutions.

About Forta Solutions

Forta Solutions, LLC is the fintech company behind Agility™, the first adaptable, modern warehouse lending platform built by warehouse lenders that provides a faster, safer path to warehouse liquidity. Agility’s modular-based design, simple integrations and dynamic reporting make it the perfect choice for organizations seeking to simplify and streamline warehouse lending processes. The platform features automated decisioning engines and customized user dashboards with real-time updates. It is SOC II Type 1-compliant. For more information, visit