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For one low flat fee, Broker Assist provides brokers with underwriting and processing support for any commercial property transaction


May 24, 2022 – HOWELL, N.J. – GPARENCY, the nation’s premier, commission-free commercial mortgage brokerage, announced the launch of Broker Assist, a white label service for commercial mortgage brokers who need help securing and underwriting commercial property mortgages.

Currently, many commercial brokers are struggling with high turnover and are having difficulty recruiting and training staff to underwrite and process commercial mortgages. Broker Assist alleviates this burden by providing brokers with access to GPARENCY’S prodigious resources and staff expertise. GPARENCY will also identify banks willing to extend credit and provide detailed term sheets, with the most competitive rates, terms, and structure, outlining the general financing structure of a deal.

“Broker Assist is a completely behind-the-scenes operation that we perform on behalf of commercial mortgage brokers who could use a hand when securing financing for their clients,” said Ira Zlotowitz, founder and CEO of GPARENCY. “By shopping the deal and providing the full strength of our underwriting and processing department, Broker Assist makes it incredibly easy for brokers to deliver a smooth, seamless transaction for any size transaction and any type of property. The best part is that brokers spend only a fraction of the cost of maintaining in-house staff.”

GPARENCY is a growing, membership-based, full-service commercial mortgage brokerage that provides borrowers with access to 3,000 lenders nationwide. Whereas most commercial brokers charge commissions based on the size of a property deal, GPARENCY clients pay a membership fee of $5,000 per year and a flat fee of $11,000 to finance and close deals, regardless of their size.

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GPARENCY is a premier commercial mortgage brokerage built around a revolutionary Membership model. That enables us to only charge flat fees—zero dollars in commission. Founded on over $100 billion in closing expertise, we run your entire deal from underwriting, to creating the competition, to placement, all the way through to closing. And you never pay more than $16k. To learn more about our revolution and the future of commercial real estate, contact