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Here we are at the beginning of a new year and you have a great product or service to promote that will help customers meet the demands of the new compliance environment.  Your timing is perfect and the world will beat a path directly to your door.  Or will it?

Not really.  The phrase “If you build it they will come” is far from the way things work.  Think of this:  Thirty years ago this January 24th, Apple introduced the Macintosh computer. Few realize that its mouse-centric graphical user interface (GUI), which revolutionized personal computing, had been invented some time before by Xerox at its PARC subsidiary – but was never marketed. It was practically given to Steve Jobs, who made a fortune refining and marketing it.

The moral is, it’s not enough to create a great offering – you have to let your customers and prospects know about it. Yet in many cases, companies lay the groundwork for getting the word out, then get caught up in other piriorities and lose sight of this key step.

Particularly at times like these, when all eyes are on CFPB and what is needed to comply with QM rules, the timing of your marketing and public relations efforts is of critical importance.  Strike now, or regret it later.

That said, do you have a plan?

If you’d like to see Apple’s legendary “1984” Ridley Scott Super Bowl commercial announcing the Macintosh, go to


By Jim Hennessy, Managing Director, Strategic Vantage