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Flexible workflow management application leverages blockchain technology to post, track and streamline work assignments with greater transparency and security

September 18, 2019 – AUSTIN, TEXAS – InMotion Software, a specialized digital research, design, and development agency, has officially launched Sluice, a workflow management platform that leverages blockchain technology to bring greater transparency and security to the residential appraisal industry.

Sluice’s distributed ledger database allows multiple users to work on the same valuation orders, while storing a comprehensive history of changes made during the appraisal timeline. By automatically merging property data into appraisal reports as the data is being collected in the field, Sluice significantly enhances the speed and efficiency of fulfilling orders in a mobile environment. Sluice also integrates seamlessly with any appraisal management system, enabling appraisal and appraisal management companies to perform and manage real estate valuation assignments in real-time, without the need to switch to a new platform.

Prior to launching Sluice, InMotion partnered with experts in the mortgage industry to research and deploy blockchain technology to the benefit of appraisers and other valuation experts as they evaluate real property collateral in the field. By incorporating technology that provides immediate, two-way communication, Sluice allows users to get directions to a subject property, manage their tasks, generate floor plans with Sluice’s built-in tools, upload geotagged photos, fill-out required or proprietary forms and take notes. Sluice is specially built to work just as well offline should an assignment take an appraiser off the grid by uploading data to the appraiser’s server once the data connection is restored.

Sluice is already supporting several national AMCs that are using it to administer their order workflow, enabling their users to accept, manage and submit all the data they collect during the course of any  assignment. AMCs using Sluice have been able to realize significant improvements in turnaround time, better communications with workers in the field and improved first submission quality, leading to less rework.

“We are excited to bring distributed ledger technology to the appraisal industry with Sluice,” said John Howard, CEO of InMotion Software. “Although currently focused on serving the mortgage industry, Sluice is a remarkably robust platform and can be adapted to any workflow project. Because the system is vastly modifiable and capable of endless customization, the opportunities for streamlining other industry workflows are endless.”

“We have made a substantial investment in Sluice so that our clients can buy-in rather than build their own platform from scratch,” said Brian Howard, Partner & CTO of InMotion. “As we continue to optimize the platform, we look forward to developing future partnerships with other industry participants that will push the platforms’ capabilities.”


About InMotion Software

Founded in 2008, InMotion Software is a full-stack specialized digital agency fueled by research and driven by results. By offering research-informed strategy, design and development solutions, InMotion fixes real-world problems with digital products that are tailored to each project requirement. Whether it’s a standalone app or an entire online enterprise product suite, InMotion has the capacity to build it. Sluice is InMotion Software’s workflow management solution that empowers businesses to post and track the progress of jobs for a mobile workforce. All information is stored in a distributed ledger (blockchain) database, ensuring data security and chain-of-custody. Sluice is currently mobilizing the appraisal management market, enabling appraisers to fill out forms, draw floor plans, navigate to and from a property, complete work without a data connection and take geotagged images. Sluice can be adapted to any workflow management project. For more information, visit