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The Marvel of SEO: What Iron Man Teaches Us About Publicity

Ever watched an Iron Man movie? Tony Stark, with his brilliant engineering and dramatic flair, knows how to make an entrance. He's not just about the tech—he understands the value of showmanship. We can all learn from him. For companies in the m...


Unveiling the Truth: Are Industry Awards Worth the Investment?

Today, I address a topic that often stirs curiosity and intrigue among our clients and many businesses in the B2B space: industry awards. Are they worth the time and effort? Do they truly impact sales and brand perception? So let's explore the truth ...


Boosting B2B Sales in a Challenging Mortgage Market: The Power of Strategic PR

Let's face it: the current state of the mortgage market is far from rosy. Right now, the top priority for most companies is to generate new business opportunities and outshine struggling competitors. But here's the question: have you truly exhausted ...


Maximize Your Sales Impact Now: The PR Strategy That’s Helping Business Leaders Crush the Competition

In a time of high interest rates and fierce competition, companies in the real estate finance and mortgage industries need a secret weapon to rise above the noise and emerge victorious. That’s where a powerful, strategic PR campaign comes in. When ...


Seize the Opportunity: Top 5 Strategies to Emerge as a Leader in a Market Downturn

The current state of the mortgage industry appears grim. But this only represents part of the story. In fact, what I’m seeing is like a tale of two cities. While some companies are struggling, others are seizing the opportunity to capture market...