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Boosting B2B Sales in a Challenging Mortgage Market: The Power of Strategic PR

Let's face it: the current state of the mortgage market is far from rosy. Right now, the top priority for most companies is to generate new business opportunities and outshine struggling competitors. But here's the question: have you truly exhausted ...


Maximize Your Sales Impact Now: The PR Strategy That’s Helping Business Leaders Crush the Competition

In a time of high interest rates and fierce competition, companies in the real estate finance and mortgage industries need a secret weapon to rise above the noise and emerge victorious. That’s where a powerful, strategic PR campaign comes in. When ...


Seize the Opportunity: Top 5 Strategies to Emerge as a Leader in a Market Downturn

The current state of the mortgage industry appears grim. But this only represents part of the story. In fact, what I’m seeing is like a tale of two cities. While some companies are struggling, others are seizing the opportunity to capture market...


The Great Resignation of Marketing Executives Meets a Market Contraction: How to Optimally Staff Marketing in 2023

Feeling the pressures of both “The Great Resignation” and the contraction in the mortgage industry? You’re not alone. It's a tricky time for companies in our industry, and many marketing departments are feeling the brunt of it. But don't lose h...


The Answer to Content Writing Challenges

Back in 1996, Bill Gates coined the now-famous phrase, “content is king,” by publishing an essay with that title. It contained remarkable predictions that are proving true year after year. “Content is where I expect much of the real money wi...