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Perceived Urgency: The Holy Grail for Marketing & Sales

Perceived urgency. It’s what can make a deal close quickly or delay it indefinitely. For marketers and sales executives, the challenge is conveying that sense of urgency. How do you get prospects to think that what you’re selling is something ...


Does Your Business Card Make a Great First Impression?

I often say that a business card is a company’s most-used brochure. It’s tiny as brochures go, but it has a very similar purpose - and can even have greater importance. Besides providing your contact details, your business card gives those who re...


The Secret to Achieving Excellent SEO

Great SEO. It’s the golden goose of marketing. For most companies, it can be a fabulous source of ongoing leads and credibility. The problem is, most people don’t know how to best achieve great SEO. They try to build back-links and optimize th...


Your Exhibit Booth Needs Updating

Outdated messaging. Too much text. Visuals that don’t stop prospects in their tracks. These are some of the many mistakes that can hamper the effectiveness of an exhibit booth. And with conference season heating up, now is the time to take a hard l...


Why Your Marketing Must Constantly Evolve

It’s said that progress is not possible without change. We all must evolve to grow. And that applies to marketing, too. Yet I find that companies tend to get complacent with their marketing. They figure their current marketing is good enough. Why c...