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9 Reasons Print Ads Fail

1. Boring Graphics If the design doesn’t force you to look, odds are that you won’t!   Don’t be shy about using photographs.  Studies have shown that photos in print ads draw the eyes of prospects – even a small photo can be effective. ...


Determining Your Marketing Budget

How much a company invests in marketing and public relations can have a dramatic impact on a company’s growth.  So what’s the magic number? According to the global market intelligence firm IDC (International Data Corporation), the average mar...


5 Steps to Ace Your Next Press Interview

Acing an interview takes more than just knowledge of one’s own company.  It takes awareness of national business news as well as mortgage industry news in order to keep abreast of what’s on reporters’ minds. That way, you can anticipate the ...


7 Key Steps in Launching a New Product or Service

Conferences are prime time for companies to launch new products or services, so if you are gearing up for a launch, here are critical steps to keep in mind. 1. Craft a compelling message Figure out what makes your product special in the eyes of...


6 Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Before you press “send,” make sure you’re not making one of these big email marketing mistakes. 1. Using a boring subject line. Studies find that 33% of email recipients open emails based on subject line alone. Create a subject line that ...