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6 Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Before you press “send,” make sure you’re not making one of these big email marketing mistakes. 1. Using a boring subject line. Studies find that 33% of email recipients open emails based on subject line alone. Create a subject line that ...


5 Reasons PR Gets Addicting

Some call it addicting. Others call it a business necessity. In my experience, once companies experience a well executed public relations campaign, they’re forever hooked. PR changes their playing field: prospects are more plentiful and deals close...


6 Reasons the Press May Hate You

1. You are a bother If you call a reporter and simply ask, “Did you get my press release?” right after distributing it, they may hate you. Yes, they got the press release, and 10 others prior to it. If you don’t have real value to add beyond...


5 Tips to Getting Your Press Release Published

Everyone wants publicity. But distributing a press release into the news mix does not guarantee that an editor or reporter will notice it, much less read it and cover it in their publication. Every day editors and reporters covering the mortgage i...