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Anatomy of a Revenue-Boosting Website

Is your website holding your company back? If you’re in the mortgage industry, chances are, it is. To my estimation, more than 75% of our industry’s websites are substandard and cast an unprofessional image. Yes, more than 75% of them are unequiv...


Surprising New Data on the Pandemic’s Impact on Email Marketing

There’s a lot of talk about how the pandemic has changed our industry over the past four months. Thanks to Hubspot’s newly released insights into the impact of the pandemic on digital business, we have statistics on which marketing tactics are wo...


How To Best Market Your Company In Times of COVID-19?

Many executives have been asking us the same question. It’s a wise one, especially in light of the pandemic’s impact on travel and conference attendance. Here’s a 2-minute video with Strategic Vantage president Rosalie Berg’s answer, which is...


3 Tips to Nail Your Next Pitch

Publicity and sales have quite a bit in common. For starters, they both require a compelling pitch. And just like in sales, a weak pitch will translate into suboptimal results. So today we’ll take a look at a media pitch that veteran industry re...


Good Guys Will Finish First in the COVID-19 Crisis

Current New York Governor and former HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo said on Easter Sunday that in a crisis, we see “the good, the bad and the ugly” in people. He added that the good in people outweighs the bad. “I really believe that,” he said. ...