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How PR Really Works—And Should It Be in Your 2021 Budget?

I find that most companies in our industry don’t really understand the concept of public relations, nor are they aware of the monumental impact that a good publicist can have on their business. Either they’ve never used a publicist, or they’ve ...


5 Ways to Improve your Google SEO with PR

In a world where prospects are making selections based on Google search results, it makes sense that companies want to rank high in searches. What some companies don’t seem to realize, though, is that leveraging public relations (PR) is one of the ...


How to Capture Your Prospects’ Attention

Like it or not, marketing is everywhere these days. It’s on our electronic devices, throughout our neighborhoods, inside our homes—everywhere. Add to that the fact that our attention spans continue to fall—from 12 seconds to 8 seconds since the...


Anatomy of a Revenue-Boosting Website

Is your website holding your company back? If you’re in the mortgage industry, chances are, it is. To my estimation, more than 75% of our industry’s websites are substandard and cast an unprofessional image. Yes, more than 75% of them are unequiv...


Surprising New Data on the Pandemic’s Impact on Email Marketing

There’s a lot of talk about how the pandemic has changed our industry over the past four months. Thanks to Hubspot’s newly released insights into the impact of the pandemic on digital business, we have statistics on which marketing tactics are wo...