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7 Marketing Predictions That Will Impact Your Business

Almost everything changes with time. Marketing is one of them.  A huge mistake that sales and marketing executives make is relying on their “tried and true” strategies and tactics without evaluating whether they still hold true. Marketing has...


An Invaluable Business Lesson, Compliments of a Robotics Competition

This past weekend I witnessed an awesome phenomenon.  It has a great lesson for all of us. I was at a high school robotics competition in which a top ranked team captain had to pick a partner for the competition from the bottom 20 ranked teams. ...


7 Tips to Improve Your Newsletter’s ROI

Each year, we find new ways to improve upon old tactics.  Today, we’ll discuss how you can improve the effectiveness of your newsletter marketing by making it interactive.  After all, newsletters are an excellent vehicle to grow sales, enabling y...


9 Reasons You Should Get Published

You don’t need to be Rob Chrisman or James Patterson to know that getting published can make you famous. Whether you’re writing thought leadership articles, blogs or books, a strategically placed, well-written piece can have significant, far-reac...


5 Great Tips to Get your Press Release Published

Everyone wants publicity. But distributing a press release into the news mix does not guarantee that an editor or reporter will notice it, much less read it and cover it in their publication.  Every day editors and reporters covering the mortgage...