New American Funding Replaces Proprietary CRM with Bonzo

July 13, 2023

CEO of leading mortgage lender and servicer calls Bonzo ‘the best,’ says he would invest in firm

July 13, 2023 – COLUMBUS, Ohio – Bonzo, a relationship management automation provider that slashes the time mortgage and real estate professionals spend communicating with prospects, announced that New American Funding (NAF), a leading independent mortgage lender and servicer, has replaced its proprietary customer relationship management system with Bonzo’s platform. New American Funding CEO Rick Arvielo called Bonzo “just the best [CRM] I have ever seen” and said he’d jump at the chance to invest in the company.

Unlike other industry CRM providers, the automated Bonzo platform is designed and priced to help salespeople attract and engage customers without all the traditional legwork, cost and time. This enables salespeople to spend less time and money chasing deals or implementing a new CRM, and more time building lasting client relationships.

For two decades, New American Funding relied on its in-house CRM, Bankerview. However, the company recently decided it was time to take a leap forward with the Bonzo platform.

“We are always striving to give the best tools to our originators,” Arvielo said. “And even though we have been relying on Bankerview for a long time, when I saw Bonzo I had to relent. It’s just the best I have ever seen, and we are excited to roll it out to our LOs.”

“We are very appreciative of Rick’s endorsement and excited to make work easier for New American Funding’s entire team,” said Bonzo Co-Founder and President Jason Perkins.

After officially moving forward with Bonzo, Arvielo said that he liked what he saw so much that he would jump at any opportunity to invest in the company.

“During this period of razor thin margins for mortgage lenders, giving originators more time to establish new referral sources and build relationships is critical,” said Bonzo CEO, Chad Jampedro.

Before joining Bonzo as CEO last year, Jampedro himself was a client who later invested in the company.


About Bonzo

Bonzo provides an automated relationship management platform designed to give time and freedom back to mortgage and real estate professionals by increasing the number of customer conversations and decreasing the time spent on mundane tasks. The affordable Bonzo platform is customizable, easy to use and can be implemented in nearly an instant, and features customer support that reflects the company’s human-first philosophy. Read more about Bonzo at