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July 24, 2019Plano, TX – Pavaso, a leader in digital closing transformation for real estate transactions, facilitated the first remote online notarization (RON) eClosing in Tennessee to be completed by a Tennessee eNotary. The transaction follows the July 1, 2019 effective date of a state law that permits RON. Pavaso’s innovative eClosing platform was selected by the closing agent, Joseph Kirkland, senior underwriting counsel with Closetrak Title & Closing in Memphis and president-elect of the Tennessee Land Title Association, to deliver all the benefits of a digital closing and a superior user experience.

The Online Notary Public Act makes Tennessee the sixth state to permit RON, the notarization of electronic documents from a remote location using online, two-way audio-video technology. RON sessions are recorded, and the identity of all signatories is verified through a photo ID and knowledge-based authentication technology.

Existing Tennessee notaries must apply for and receive approval from the state before performing RON. Before applying, notaries are required to contract with a third-party vendor that will provide the technological support necessary to expand their services online.

While the state does not endorse vendors, Pavaso was the provider of choice for the first notaries to have their applications approved.

Pavaso offers one of the most utilized eClosing platforms on the market. It brings everyone involved in real estate transactions together in a secure digital environment to streamline the closing process. It also gives closing agents the autonomy to utilize their own state-commissioned eNotaries or existing notary network, and the functionality to support fully digital, hybrid and traditional closings.

Kirkland, the state’s first commissioned eNotary, had the honor of performing the first remote digital closing under the law he helped pass as part of the Tennessee Secretary of State’s RON workgroup. For him, Pavaso made the process as seamless as it was memorable.

“Pavaso is an outstanding product that made this closing much more convenient,” says Kirkland. “My clients are missionaries in Uruguay who were having trouble scheduling a consular officer to notarize documents at the embassy. Using this technology saved weeks of waiting. Thanks to the new RON law and Pavaso, I was able to close the transaction and notarize documents at my office here in Memphis, while the sellers participated from their home in Montevideo.”

Sellers Bob and Jennifer Frith were also happy with their Pavaso experience.

“Due to our present situation of living overseas and selling a property in Tennessee, Pavaso’s eClosing service was a tremendous tool in assisting us in this long-distance transaction,” says Bob. “[Kirkland] guided us through the easy to understand process. We would highly recommend this innovative technology to anyone in need of long-distance notarial services.”

“We are thrilled Tennessee notaries have been given the green light to perform remote online notarizations and they chose our eClosing platform to make history,” says Nancy Pratt, vice president of partner relations & government affairs for Pavaso. “Pavaso has facilitated electronic notarization of thousands of loans in states where it is allowed, and we look forward to helping notaries in states that permit RON extend this convenient new option. We are committed to giving our settlement providers all the tools and support they need to accommodate any type of closing their customers prefer.”

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