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Complete suite of digital mortgage tools is unlike anything available on the market today

October 15, 2018 – Plano, Texas –  Pavaso, developer of the mortgage industry’s first collaborative digital mortgage technology to involve all stakeholders in the closing process, has unveiled a new, complete suite of powerful eClosing tools for mortgage lenders that includes Remote Online Notary and SMART Note capabilities. The Pavaso Platform now provides a one-stop digital closing shop that empowers all parties involved in mortgage transactions to consistently increase efficiency, eliminate errors, improve workflow and create more informed consumers, leading to faster, more efficient closings.

Powered by Pavaso’s innovative eClosing platform, Pavaso’s full suite of eClosing products enable lenders, title companies, agents and borrowers to electronically eDeliver early disclosures, eSign documents, remotely eNotarize documents, eClose loans, execute full eNotes and deliver closed loan files to an eVault.

“With the launch of the mortgage industry’s one-stop eClosing suite, Pavaso continues to prove it is the mortgage industry’s single best source for complete and superior digital closings designed to enhance the consumer experience,” said CEO of Pavaso, Mark McElroy. “Our unified and collaborative portal in addition to tools like Remote Online Notary and Pavaso SMART Note will not only help lenders attain the digital transformations they are looking for—they will also help lenders deliver the ultimate customer experience.”

The Pavaso Platform includes Remote Online Notarization (RON), Pavaso’s newest tool that enables remote closings to be conducted anywhere, on any device, in as little as 15 minutes. With RON, Pavaso commissions qualified, experienced closing agents to remotely notarize documents, helping lenders, title companies and consumers experience a faster and more convenient closing.

“Never have we seen so much excitement over a technology like RON, which satisfies a key requirement for lenders that wish to make a digital transformation,” said Pavaso’s vice president of partner relations and government affairs, Nancy Pratt. “RON is already being used in four states that allow remote notarizations. With more states adopting remote notarizations, we expect demand for RON will continue to grow. This year alone, five more states have adopted legislation around this technology.”

The suite also includes Pavaso SMART Note, a tool that generates compliant, tamper-sealed SMART Doc eNotes to increase collateral control.

In addition to RON and Pavaso SMART Note, the Pavaso Platform includes:

 Digital Close Enterprise – A unified, powerful array of closing products that enables collaboration between all stakeholders to conduct seamlessly complete digital closings.

Digital Close – Provides homebuyers and sellers access to review documents anytime, anywhere, and from any device prior to the closing, so they can close loans quickly.

Pavaso eSign – A modern, convenient way to eSign documents from anywhere with ease on any device.

eDelivery – Enables parties to electronically deliver all required compliant documents to other stakeholders, from early disclosures to the final closing package.

PavasoDocs – A complete SMARTDoc library of loan documents that ensures compliant, secure, data-portable loan files throughout every stage of the closing process.

Pavaso eVault – Securely stores all Pavaso SMART Notes and ensures the accuracy of all documents delivered.

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About Pavaso

Texas-based Pavaso is transforming the mortgage process with radically innovative digital mortgage closing technology facilitating fast, consistent, accurate and compliant closings every time. Pavaso offers a single, collaborative, secure portal promoting transparency, efficiency, consumer education and communication in a seamless format delivering value to every stakeholder involved in the transaction. For more information on how you can streamline your process and digitally transform your organization, call us at 866.288.7051 or visit