IL Group

IL Group is an insurance provider and broker, offering customized insurance products and services to financial institutions.

What we did

The world of insurance is intricate. With longstanding norms and a traditional bent, we understood that IL Group's edge lay in its innovative approach and its knack for fostering personal relationships. Our mission was twofold: to highlight IL Group's expertise in the financial sector and to demystify the value they brought as an insurance broker.

We embarked on a journey of rejuvenation. We crafted a modern website, produced informative monthly blogs, and even introduced an illustrative video to simplify and explain the essence of IL Group's offerings. A new brochure, folder, and stationery ensured that IL Group's image mirrored its modern approach while respecting industry traditions. Through our meticulous design and strategic content deployment, we transformed IL Group's narrative, emphasizing its prowess and dedication in the insurance domain.