Paradatec is a world leader in artificial intelligence and document technology, serving some of the nation’s largest mortgage lenders and servicers.

What we did

Recognizing a pivotal moment in the mortgage industry, Paradatec came to us as the tides were turning in favor of artificial intelligence. At the time, their branding and messaging undersold their cutting-edge technology and leadership stance. We were determined to change this.

Our campaign had a dual focus: to amplify Paradatec’s standing in the market and to elucidate the transformative power of AI in streamlining document processing. With a comprehensive rebrand, a modern website, refreshed marketing collateral, insightful blogs, and a formidable public relations campaign, we brought Paradatec's innovations to the fore. As a result of our publicity efforts, we secured them extensive coverage in publications such as HousingWire, National Mortgage News and MBA Newslink.

“Strategic Vantage has done excellent marketing and public relations work for us. Their staff is talented, attentive and provides great advice. They have helped improve our organization’s visibility in the marketplace through the creation of a sharp new website, by securing us great publicity in the press, and by writing fabulous blogs for us. Selecting them was an excellent choice.”