WaterfallCalc is a provider of efficient and compliant loss mitigation calculations for mortgage servicers.

What we did

Shortly after completing the DLS Servicing website, the CEO eagerly approached us to rejuvenate the marketing for WaterfallCalc, another venture she pioneered. Just as we did for DLS Servicing, we orchestrated a holistic brand metamorphosis.

Influenced by the "waterfall" motif, we crafted a refined website saturated in serene blues and whites, reflecting the fluidity and clarity of their services. The content was meticulously designed to spotlight the technology's ease and efficiency, all while harmonizing with the aquatic theme. This revamped online presence set the stage for a dynamic trio of campaigns – social media, email marketing, and publicity – each amplifying WaterfallCalc's refreshed brand identity.

“If your aim is to fuel sales, look no further than Strategic Vantage. Having seen their transformative work with DLS Servicing, I was eager to bring them onboard for WaterfallCalc. With their can-do attitude, finesse, and little guidance from us, they developed a stellar website and spearheaded a robust marketing campaign using public relations, email marketing, and social media. They’ve worked collaboratively with our team and have supercharged our marketing and sales efforts. I only wish we’d started working with them sooner. They’re fantastic!”