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TMC to bring industry-leading loan pricing and trading technology to cooperative members


Westlake Village, CA – August 29, 2017 – Resitrader Inc.,the leadingonline exchange for whole loan trading in the secondary mortgage market, announced that it will be providing the Resitrader platform as a private label product to members of The Mortgage Collaborative (“TMC”), the nation’s only independent mortgage cooperative.

The platform, called “TMCDirect,” will provide TMC members with full access to Resitrader’s trading platform, as well as special incentives and benefits for TMC members. With over $1 billion of loans transacted monthly on the Resitrader platform, TMC members will have the opportunity to connect with other TMC members as well as with a vibrant marketplace of 70+ Resitrader customers for pricing, buying and selling whole loans.

“Through TMCDirect, we’ll enable TMC member companies to buy and sell whole loans far more efficiently than previously possible,” said John Ardy, CEO of Resitrader.

Resitrader is focused on shifting the paradigm of whole loan transactions from e-mailed spreadsheets to an industry-standard platform that provides security, efficiency and full-market access. Currently, major banks, loan aggregators, independent mortgage bankers and loan investors use Resitrader to gain access to a highly-efficient trading process, detailed market color, and a complete range of industry participants in traditional and niche markets.

“Our flexibility in connecting with any hedge advisory service, LOS (loan origination system), pricing engine or internal systems allows our users to connect with each other without limiting their technology options,” said Ardy. “We are the intersection for buyers, sellers and their important technology partners to create easy, efficient and profitable transactions.”