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The RETS solution can be tailored for a servicer’s portfolio size and individual needs

May 14, 2019LOS ANGELES – SLK Global Solutions has announced it will offer customized tax services for commercial mortgage servicers through its Real Estate Tax Service Platform (RETS). Tax services will be customized based on the size and individual needs of the servicing portfolio. The announcement is being made at the MBA Commercial/Multifamily Servicing & Technology Conference taking place this week in Los Angeles.

SLK Global, a business process transformation enterprise, offers RETS, an innovative property tax service that combines the latest technology, national coverage and decades of industry experience to help lenders with accurate, fast and compliant tax data. RETS is currently being used by commercial and multifamily servicers, including two of the top five commercial/ multifamily servicers in the nation.

“Customers are starting to realize that the one-size-fits-all model for tax services only benefits the vendor and leaves them with a substandard service,” said Larry Leon, VP of sales of RETS at SLK Global Solutions. “Every portfolio has its own unique set of challenges, so the tax service provider needs to be flexible in its approach to servicing customers. I’ve had conversations with many banks, credit unions, and loan servicers who feel neglected by their current tax service provider and want to be provided with a solution that works for their needs.” Leon also felt that the one-size-fits-all model just focuses on large loan servicers.

As a result, RETS customizes its services to the individual company’s needs at the outset of each client relationship. This platform has the ability to smartly adapt to the servicer’s processes.

“Some of the other tax service providers have done their best to commoditize the industry in an attempt to increase profits, but there are still companies like SLK Global that are willing to go above and beyond to provide quality service to their clients,” said Dustin Smith, SVP of sales. “Partners must be able to tailor their services and platform to seamlessly integrate with each client’s processes, timelines and existing reporting styles.”

SLK Global Solutions will be exhibiting at booth #18 at the MBA Commercial/Multifamily Servicing & Technology Conference.

About SLK Global Solutions
Founded in 2001, SLK Global Solutions is a business process transformation enterprise offering technology products and solutions for the banking, mortgage lending & insurance industry. It offers origination and servicing support for residential and commercial mortgage lending through a suite of solutions and contact center services including LoanAccel and Mortgage QC for origination and RETS for tax servicing. Its 100+ customers include four of the top 25 U.S. Banks.

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