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So, you’ve recognized the signs. Maybe your logo feels a bit ‘2010’, or your messaging doesn’t resonate as it used to. Perhaps you’ve pivoted your business strategy or simply outgrown your brand. Or you’re starting a new company.

Whatever the reason, you’re considering a rebrand. Welcome to one of the most invigorating journeys your company will ever undertake. Wondering where to start? Let’s dig in.

1. Recognize the ‘Why’

Before mapping out the ‘how’, what’s your reason for rebranding? Are you looking to better resonate with prospects, elevate your brand’s perception, or stand out in a crowded field? For mortgage tech firms, startups, service providers, and lenders, understanding the ‘why’ can pivot you from just another name to an industry leader.

2. Pick the Right Partner

Securing the right expertise is crucial. We’ve witnessed many companies pour money and resources into branding essentials like websites only to be let down by lackluster results. Keep in mind, it’s not about hunting for the most affordable deal—it’s about working with partners with a track record of excellence. Here’s a straightforward litmus test: if a marketing agency’s own branding and website don’t impress you, it’s unrealistic to expect they’ll do better with yours.

3. Logo Isn’t Everything, But It’s a Big Thing

Your logo often serves as your brand’s first impression. Whether you’re a budding startup or a seasoned firm, your logo should be a distilled representation of your brand’s core. In the ultracompetitive mortgage sector, a modern logo can make a world of difference. If you started with a logo that was created by an amateur, it’s likely time for a rethink.

4. Message Matters

Define your stance and what sets you apart. Whether it’s your innovative technology, unparalleled customer experience, or in-depth industry knowledge, crystallize this into a voice that’s uniquely yours—a voice that distinguishes rather than blends in. This part can be much trickier than it seems, but with the help of experts, it can be easy.

5. Your New Look

Ensure your revamped aesthetic appeals to and resonates with your target audience, evoking positive sentiments at each opportunity. Remember, decisions tend to be emotion-driven and later rationalized. Aim for a brand persona that’s distinctive and memorable.

6. Marketing Materials

Every touchpoint, from your website to your business cards, should be harmoniously aligned with your brand’s refreshed identity. Consistency is the bedrock of brand recognition, spanning content tone, visual appeal, and user interactions.

7. Launch with Gusto

This isn’t just about announcing a new logo or website. It’s about unveiling your renewed commitment to the industry, your customers, and your mission. Make it count.

Reaping the Rewards

A strategic rebrand isn’t just a facelift—it’s rejuvenation. It can reignite company spirit, bolster staff morale, captivate new customers, and strengthen existing relationships. It heralds progress, expansion, and a pioneering spirit.

Contemplating a rebrand? Reach out for a conversation, and we’ll offer our advice. Just email us at