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Ever watched an Iron Man movie? Tony Stark, with his brilliant engineering and dramatic flair, knows how to make an entrance. He’s not just about the tech—he understands the value of showmanship.

We can all learn from him. For companies in the mortgage industry, it’s not just about having excellent products and services. It’s about being seen, being talked about, and positioning oneself as the Iron Man of the mortgage world.

Who’s Talking About You?

Between lenders and fintechs, the bustling streets of the mortgage industry can be a crowded space. The big question: Who’s pointing at you and saying, “They’re the ones to watch?”

Just as Tony Stark’s Iron Man wouldn’t be as iconic without the press covering his adventures, your firm’s achievements deserve the spotlight, too. When the press writes about you, or when you’re awarded for your expertise, it’s not just an ego boost. It’s SEO gold. Quality backlinks from reputable sources are one of the top-ranking factors for search engines. So, when you’re mentioned, your visibility amplifies.

Dive Beyond the Surface

While many SEO benefits are evident, some of the most impactful ones work behind the scenes. Your online presence is more than surface-level chatter. It’s about the deep-rooted signals you send to search engines.

  • Building Trust: Being frequently mentioned or referenced in conversation is a sign of trust. And in the digital realm, search engines pick up on this. Consistent mentions act like endorsements, telling search engines that you’re a credible player in the mortgage space.
  • Discovering Hidden Opportunities: Ever been to a party and overheard someone talking about a niche topic you’re passionate about? That’s what long-tail keywords are in the SEO world. These specific phrases that appear infrequently, but when they do, it’s with high intent. Your public engagements, niche articles, and expert citations help you rank for these invaluable gems.

Be the Tony Stark of Mortgages

Just like Iron Man isn’t only about flashy armor, good publicity is not mere aesthetics. It’s about establishing your company as a trusted, go-to entity in the industry. Think about it. Would you lean towards a company you’ve just stumbled upon, or one that consistently makes headlines and garners accolades?

At the end of every Iron Man movie, Tony Stark doesn’t just hide in his lab. He engages, networks, and ensures his brand stays relevant. Similarly, in the mortgage industry’s dynamic B2B space, staying in the shadows isn’t an option.

Harnessing the synergy of SEO and effective publicity propels brands into the limelight. The question isn’t whether you need this dual advantage—it’s whether you want to be the market leader everyone talks about.

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By Rosalie Berg

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