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New integration positions loan officers to create customers for life and build their personal brand within the enterprise

July 31, 2018 – MINNEAPOLIS, MN –  Today, Total Expert, the company that created the first enterprise-grade Marketing Operating System™(MOS) specifically for financial services organizations, announced its partnership with Mortgage Coach, the developer of the Total Cost Analysis (TCA), the first borrower conversion platform for mortgage lenders.

The Total Expert and Mortgage Coach integration is a unique offering to loan officers, positioning them to create customers for life by pairing the Total Expert marketing automation capabilities with Mortgage Coach’s loan comparison, Total Cost Analysis. The partnership further expands the ability for lenders to centralize all marketing assets created and deployed into the Total Expert MOS for full oversight and on-demand reporting.

“Mortgage loan officers are working every day to stay front and center with their clients – and our integration with Mortgage Coach makes this a seamless, automated process with beautiful, user-friendly client deliverables,” said Joe Welu, founder and chief executive officer of Total Expert. “We aim to empower loan officers to build their personal brand within their respective enterprises, grow their business and ultimately create lifelong relationships with their customers. Mortgage Coach is a best-of-breed partner, and together, we can provide lenders with solutions for long-term success.”

Loan officers who use both Total Expert and Mortgage Coach can educate their clients and prospects about their mortgage loan, provide value-added content and further nurture their relationship. The seamless integration provides alerts, email reporting and engagement indicators within the Total Expert platform to keep loan officers informed when a borrower engages with their Mortgage Coach content.

“Mortgage lending is a relationship-business and our integration will give loan officers the tools they need to create customers for life,” said Dave Savage, chief executive officer of Mortgage Coach.  “We are impressed with how Total Expert’s MOS continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in financial services digital transformation, and we look forward to our partnership with a true industry innovator.”


Total Expert is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that provides the first modern, web-based, enterprise-level marketing and sales software solution built specifically for financial services. Eight of the top 15 mortgage lenders in the country use Total Expert. Total Expert ensures that marketing, compliance, and sales are aligned in a single system of record, and provides tools including marketing, co-marketing and CRM. Every marketing asset ever created, downloaded, or deployed is tracked with on-demand audit level reporting. The highly flexible, profile-based architecture provides precise permission controls and hierarchy settings for endless custom reporting and analytics options based on the unique preferences of the organization. For more information, visit

The Mortgage Coach suite of enterprise online and mobile applications enhance the conversation between the borrower, mortgage professional, and Realtor, enabling a confident mortgage decision. Thousands of banks and lenders rely on Mortgage Coach to turn borrower education into a competitive advantage. With Mortgage Coach technology, financial and real estate professionals provide clearly illustrated mortgage options with detailed financials, charts, video narration, and live updates on any device, ensuring an informed home loan choice. Learn more about how to add the power of Mortgage Coach to your lending platform by visiting or contacting