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Mortgage lender’s innovative culture attracts top talent as it expands across the country

Pewaukee, Wis. October 17, 2017 – Waterstone Mortgage, a nationwide mortgage lender, has opened six new branches across the U.S. The company’s reputation for solid lending practices – along with its unique culture – has allowed the lender to achieve new company records for loan origination volume. In 2016, the mortgage lender reached an annual loan origination volume of more than $2.5 billion – a number which they are on track to surpass for 2017.


Waterstone Mortgage President and CEO Eric Egenhoefer set out to create an innovative culture for employees when he founded Waterstone Mortgage in 2000. The company places great emphasis on transparency, trust and collaboration among employees.  “From training sessions to everyday meetings, we encourage our employees to share their professional opinions and ideas freely,” Egenhoefer said. “Fostering an innovative work culture helps us draw the best in the business, which is reflected in the six new branches we’ve opened.”


The six new branches are as follows:


Fredericksburg, VA, which is led by Branch Manager David Garofalo. Garofalo was previously a branch manager for Total Mortgage Services, LLC. He may be reached at 540-785-9004 or via email at


Enterprise, AL, headed by Co-branch Managers Bill Frazier and Kim McIntyre. Frazier was previously a branch manager for Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation; Kim was an area manager for Fairway.  Frazier may be reached at 334-393-4000 or by email at McIntyre may be reached at 334-393-4000 or via email at


Chicago, IL, led by Co-branch Managers Tariq “TK” Khwaja and Tim Brigham, both previously LPO managers at Evolve Bank & Trust. Khwaja may be reached at 312-445-9381 or Brigham may be reached at 312-445-9380 or at


Bloomington, IL, headed by Branch Manager Rebecca Stiles-Bergquist, who was previously a branch manager for Inlanta Mortgage. She may be reached at 309-664-4400 or at


Hiawatha, IA, led by Branch Manager Kathryn Brune, previously a senior broker for Inlanta Mortgage. She may be reached at 319-382-3854 or via email at


Salem, OR, headed by Branch manager Walt Schulz, who was previously an area manager and senior loan officer for Academy Mortgage Corporation. Schulz may be reached at 971-304-3151 or at


As Waterstone Mortgage continues to grow, the company will maintain its focus on producing high quality loans, with a strong emphasis on purchase loans.  Creating a nurturing work environment for employees also remains a top priority. “We take care of our employees because they are our most valuable asset. Earning the trust of our employees and customers is the first step toward building strong, long-lasting relationships,” Egenhoefer said.


“As a company that values our ethics and culture above all, we are committed to doing things the right way. That includes hiring only the cream of the crop, whether it’s branch managers, loan officers or underwriters,” Egenhoefer added. “It’s all part of our desire to provide the best possible experience for our borrower customers.”