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Outdated messaging. Too much text. Visuals that don’t stop prospects in their tracks. These are some of the many mistakes that can hamper the effectiveness of an exhibit booth. And with conference season heating up, now is the time to take a hard look at your booth and make sure it’s ready to attract the right customers.

Not sure whether your booth needs updating? Then ask yourself the following six questions:

1) Is it outdated?
Your offerings have evolved. So have your target clients—and their needs. Your company image may have changed, too. Have the messaging and visuals on your exhibit booth kept up with these changes?

 2) Is it vague?
Your exhibit booth should state what’s being offered, and why it’s superior. “Faster, better, cheaper” is not good messaging if prospects can’t figure out if you’re offering an LOS, special servicing, or IT services. It always amazes me how many exhibit booths don’t specifically state what the company does.

3) Does it seem like a billboard or a brochure?
Brevity is key. A booth should read like a billboard—not a brochure. That means no lengthy lists of features and benefits. Text should be minimal. Many experts recommend limiting booth text to no more than 10 words. We find that a few more words than 10 can work—though not much more.

4) Does it make you look cheap?
Image matters. As we walk down the exhibit floor, companies with basic 10’ booths akin to those used 10-15 years ago, and companies making do with banner stands in lieu of a proper booth tend to stand out—but not in a good way. An exhibit booth is meant to put your best foot forward and showcase your company’s image, your professionalism and your offerings. It shouldn’t look like an old suit.

5) Does it stop prospects in their tracks?
Memorable exhibit booths stand out. You only have seconds to engage prospects who are walking by before their eyes move on to the next booth. So, make sure your booth has a bold design and imagery that will mesmerize even the most over-stimulated conference attendee.

6) Is it easy to read?
Can your logo be easily seen at the top of your booth? Is all the text placed in the upper 2/3 of your exhibit booth? Is the font large enough to be clearly read 15 feet away? Is your design clean and uncluttered? These are all basic but critical factors.

Creating a killer exhibit booth is trickier than it seems, and mistakes may not be evident until the booth is on display. For the best results, it’s key to count on marketing strategists and designers with experience creating exhibit booths.

Also, a word of caution: Don’t expect a company that manufactures exhibit booths to have great designers. Talented designers are hard to come by, and very few choose a booth manufacturing company as a place of employment.

If you’d like help creating a great exhibit booth, email us at or call (305) 971-6239. It would be our pleasure to be of assistance.


By Rosalie Berg, President, Strategic Vantage