Forta Solutions to Launch First Warehouse Lending Platform Built with Modern Technology

May 23, 2023

Agility marks a major leap forward in warehouse lending technology

May 23, 2023 Seattle, WA Forta Solutions announced today the upcoming launch of Agility™, a revolutionary new warehouse lending platform. Designed by warehouse lenders, Agility represents a major leap forward in the industry, offering unprecedented flexibility, transparency and efficiency.

Agility was designed and built by fintech provider Forta Solutions, whose co-founders have proven success in launching businesses in warehouse lending and mortgage technology. Forta Solutions Co-founder and CEO Kathy Hancock previously founded Avlis Partners, LLC, which she grew into the largest nonbank independent warehouse lenders in just five years. Forta Co-founder and Chairman Chris Saitta has successfully launched numerous mortgage technology companies, including Equator, Resitrader and LauraMac.

“We know firsthand how frustrating and costly it can be dealing with outdated technology and manual processes,” Hancock said. “Technology in the warehouse lending sector has been overdue for some innovation. With Agility, we’ve designed a platform that’s modular-based and simple to integrate, making it fully customizable to our clients’ needs without any added expenses.”

Agility was specifically designed to simplify the workload of mortgage lenders, who frequently staff up at the end of every month to close loans on time. With Agility, lenders can expect a faster, safer path to warehouse liquidity.

The platform’s dynamic reporting and real-time dashboards empower users to see exactly what they need without having to download data and compile reports manually. Agility includes automated decisioning engines designed to do the heavy lifting for lenders, ensuring funds flow more quickly.

“Agility’s rich integrations enable the platform to seamlessly blend with a client’s internal systems and their third-party vendors’ systems,” Hancock said. “As data comes in, we run rules against it so lenders only have to look at items that failed—they don’t need to look at everything.”

Agility was designed with the most stringent security controls in the industry, too. It’s believed to be the only warehouse lending platform in the industry that is SOC II-compliant.

“Agility will reshape the way warehouse lending is done,” Saitta said. “It is the future of warehouse lending technology.”

Agility is set to launch in the coming months. To receive updates on Agility’s launch, click here.


About Forta Solutions

Forta Solutions is the fintech company behind Agility™, the first adaptable, modern warehouse lending platform built by warehouse lenders that provides a faster, safer path to warehouse liquidity. Agility’s modular-based design, simple integrations and dynamic reporting make it the perfect choice for organizations seeking to simplify and streamline warehouse lending processes. The platform features automated decisioning engines and customized user dashboards with real-time updates. It is SOC II-compliant. for more information, visit