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Eager to catch the attention of prospects with your exhibit booth?  As one lap around an exhibit hall will show you, that’s easier said than done.  Here are five tips to making sure your exhibit booth generates results:

1) Think billboard, not brochure

booth should read much more like a billboard than a brochure.  When you’re creating text for your booth, cull it down to the bare minimum.  That means no paragraphs, no lengthy lists of features and benefits.  Keep text short and to the point.

2) Avoid being vague

Your exhibit booth should state what’s being offered, and why it’s superior.  “Faster, better, cheaper” is no good if the prospect can’t figure out if you’re offering an LOS, special servicing or AMC services.

3) Captivate your audience

Memorable booths stand out.  Typical ones blend in, and you only have seconds to engage viewers before their eyes move on to the next booth.

4) Be legible

Use a font that’s large enough to be read from 15 to 20 feet away. Avoid a design that’s too cluttered.

Watch out for placement

Make sure your logo stands out.  In most cases, it’s best placed at the top of the exhibit booth.  Keep the bottom third of the booth clear of important information.  Most folks won’t read anything below their knees!


Creating a killer exhibit booth is trickier than it seems, and mistakes may not be evident until the booth is printed and final.  For the best results, it’s critical to count on professionals with experience creating exhibit booths.


Click here to see samples of 10-foot exhibit booths we’ve created for our clients.  If you’d like assistance in the creation of an exhibit booth, email us at

By Rosalie Berg, President, Strategic Vantage