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QualityView enables lenders to compare their overall defect rates with their industry peers

October 15, 2015–Deerfield Beach, FL— MarBecca Group, a provider of quality control improvement tools, announces the launch of a new benchmarking product that standardizes QC findings and enables lenders to compare themselves to other lenders.  Developed in conjunction with strategic analytics firm Mortgage Trueview, Inc. the benchmarking tool is a significant advancement in enhancing the way lenders and investors evaluate loans.

“We can now help quality control personnel who want to answer management’s question, ‘How do we compare to others?   Do our loans measure up to what other lenders are producing?’” said Rebecca Walzak, partner and co-founder of MarBecca Group. For years, everyone had a different measurement for determining quality loans and those buying and securitizing loan had no way to compare lender to lender.  With this tool, that time is now over.”

As part of the launch the company will be holding a “Quality Face-Off” contest in which participants will review and evaluate identical loans based on the standards they use internally at their respective companies. It is open to any quality control analyst wishing to participate.   Once all loans have been reviewed, the winner will be announced and receive a $100 gift certificate to the store of his or her choice. Details will be announced later this year.

MarBecca Group work is based on the concept of Quality3 which helps lenders measure the success or failure of their quality control processes and understand exactly what needs improvement and what doesn’t.  According to Walzak, “Thinking of quality as a one-dimensional review process is wrong.  There are in fact three facets to ensuring quality products:  quality assurance, quality control and quality insights.  Each of these plays a critical part in achieving operational efficiency and effectiveness.”

MarBecca Group Partner Marianne Boylan adds: “By comparing the results you want to what you are getting, we identify the risks associated with poor processes and provide the results of the measurements in a way that tells you when and where to take action.”

Walzak is an expert in loan quality assurance and risk management, with more than 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. In addition to co-founding MarBecca Group, she heads her own consulting firm, rjbWalzak, and also serves as executive vice president of Mortgage Trueview, Inc, a strategic analytics firm.

Marianne Boylan is a partner and co-founder of MarBecca Group, where she is responsible for managing client operations. A 30-year veteran in the mortgage banking industry, she has expertise in all facets of operations. She has served as chief credit officer at several major lenders and later began her own mortgage origination and consulting firm.

About The MarBecca Group
Marbecca Group helps mortgage lenders improve their overall quality control function.  Headquartered in Deerfield Beach, the company provides default reviews, repurchase request defenses, HMDA data and fair lending reviews, quality control department audits, due diligence reviews and servicing reviews.  MarBecca Group also offers help with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac approvals.  Please visit for more information.