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INVISR founder and CEO Gozhansky named Chief Technology Officer

June 23, 2021 – FULTON, Md. – Chrysalis Holdings, LLC, announced it has made a significant investment in INVISR, a leading financial technology business focused on digital transformation. With the investment, INVISR CEO and co-founder Tal Gozhansky will become Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Chrysalis Holdings’ portfolio companies while continuing to lead INVISR.  Before founding INVISR, Tal Gozhansky was a leader in launching and scaling Salesforce’s Financial Services practice in New York City, and technology initiatives for multiple Fortune 500 financial services firms.

The Maryland-based financial services investment firm’s largest holding is Veterans Administration mortgage lender, NewDay USA. Over the last 20 years, NewDay USA has always been at the forefront of the fintech revolution, analytics, and information technology, using data to drive every component of its business.

“Working with a leader like Tal Gozhansky will enable NewDay to establish a unified end-to-end information ecosystem integrating marketing, origination, credit risk, and loan servicing data,” said Rob Posner, Chief Executive Officer of Chrysalis Holdings and NewDay USA. “Partnering with the talented team at INVISR will allow us to provide the right product to the right customer, at the right time to improve the lives of the veteran families we serve.”

“What excites my colleagues and I most about joining the Chrysalis Holdings family is NewDay’s ability to use our proprietary software, Polystack, to create resiliency and flexibility in its business model,” said Gozhansky. “Our partnership means our business will be able to capitalize on INVISR’s global expertise and continue to innovate and leverage fintech capabilities to improve the customer experience.”

“What attracted us to INVISR is our core belief of taking data and turning it into execution,” said Chrysalis Holdings Executive Chairman David Olson. “Tal and his colleagues have an exceptional track record of building solutions for the most respected technology and financial companies in the world.”

INVISR works with clients across the financial services spectrum, streamlining digital experiences for employees and its customers. The company has extensive experience across multiple financial services, including banking and lending, insurance, and capital markets.


ABOUT Chrysalis Holdings, LLC (

Chrysalis Holdings, LLC provides early-stage capital, infrastructure development, and management services to growth-oriented companies in financial services and direct marketing industries. It focuses on building and growing businesses and intellectual capital within the financial services industry. Based in Fulton, Maryland, the firm’s largest holding in VA leader, NewDay USA.



INVISR works with clients across the financial services spectrum, streamlining digital experiences for clients, their employees, and the customers they serve. The company has extensive experience modernizing both internal and external technology processes across multiple financial services sub verticals including banking and lending, insurance, and capital markets.