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Partnership links innovative technology company with largest real estate forms provider to create the leading offer management platform in the industry

August 27, 2015 Phoenix, AZ Realty Pilot, a technology provider to the real estate industry, and zipLogix, the industry’s largest transaction and forms solution company in the United States, have launched their integration project to bring full offer management automation to the nation’s real estate professionals.Realty Pilot’s Offer Runway, an advanced online platform that streamlines the entire residential real estate offer process, is now integrated with zipLogix’s zipForm® software to shorten the time it takes to complete a real estate transaction.

“We have worked closely with the talented professionals at zipLogix to make everything ready for this launch,” said Realty Pilot CEO and founder Christian Broadwell, himself a longtime licensed real estate broker.  “Offer Runway can be framed into broker sites so buyers and their agents can make offers quickly and easily.  And agents can make and manage offers directly through the MLS when Offer Runway is integrated with the MLS.”

Offer Runway increases efficiency for real estate brokers and agents, connecting them with all offers presented and received instantly online using virtually any device.  The platform saves agents more than 80 percent of the time normally required to manage offers, enabling them to put deals together quicker and with greater efficiency.  The time saved translates directly into greater transaction success, reduced costs, and better experiences for all parties.  Once Offer Runway is integrated with the MLS, agents can create and submit offers directly from the MLS. Security is assured by Realty Pilot’s SOC 1 Type 2 designation for its service organization controls, which meet and exceed standards required by the Dodd-Frank Act.

“The Offer Runway and zipForm integration signifies an entirely new level of convenience and efficiency for the real estate professional,” said zipLogix Chairman of the Board Mark Peterson.  “Every aspect of the offer can be managed within zipForm and the entire history of the transaction is maintained for compliance and transparency.”

Realty Pilot President John Murray stated, “This partnership makes all transaction stakeholders’ lives simpler and helps reduce risk on every deal. The approach brings the promise of Internet collaboration and great technology to real estate agents, but their buyers and sellers are the true beneficiaries of the achievement.”  Murray has been ranked #1 in real estate transactions in the United States by Real Trends/Wall Street Journal for the last three years and attributes a large portion of his success to use of the Realty Pilot software.

About Realty Pilot
Founded in the Phoenix area in 2008 by Realtor and former aerospace engineer Christian Broadwell, Realty Pilot provides a complete suite of innovative, cloud-based technology offerings for the real estate industry.  Realty Pilot is dedicated to transforming the way the real estate business is conducted across the nation by delivering streamlined, greener, high-efficiency, highly secure technologies.  Cost effective and easy to use, Realty Pilot’s suite of online mortgage technology services — BPO Traffic Controller, Make Offer, Offer Runway and Real Estate Inspector — leverage all agent data so that a real estate brokerage can anticipate, activate and elevate its business. Concourse 360, the firm’s asset management platform, provides a comprehensive management system covering all communications, documents, tasking, valuations and offers in a highly secure, flexible, customizable package. Realty Pilot has achieved a SOC 1 Type 2 designation for its security and service organization controls.  For more information, visit the company’s website at

About zipLogix
Fraser, Mich.-based zipLogix is a technology company created by, owned by and working for real estate professionals to improve productivity and efficiency industry wide. Its software automates and simplifies the repetitive and complex steps of real estate transactions, and is used by more than 650,000 real estate professionals across the country. Visit to learn more.