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At the end of the year, it’s wise to be thinking about how to increase sales in the coming 12 months.  Whether you’re in marketing, business development or management, you’re in the business of increasing sales.

The challenge is that we only know what we know.  That is, it’s difficult to recommend strategies or tactics we don’t understand.  Today I invite you to consider one strategy you may have never used — or used effectively.

Rising Tides
I recently heard the CEO of a company invoke a very insightful aphorism:   “A rising tide lifts all boats.”  This quote has been attributed to JFK and is often used when discussing the economy.

In this case, the CEO wasn’t talking about the effect of tax cuts but rather about the impact of publicity on an entire company. He went on to elaborate on how positive publicity increases the effectiveness of all company-wide marketing and sales efforts, from email campaigns, to conference outreach, to advertising and sales calls. It was a simple, wise observation.

As you plan for 2018, I encourage you to think about the impact positive publicity could have on your company’s growth.  And note that when I refer to “publicity” I am referring to instances when your company appears in a news article in a media outlet — not paid advertising. So consider this:

4 Sales Benefits Derived from Publicity

  1. When your company appears in the press frequently, prospects learn your name and are familiar with what your company offers — so they are regularly reminded to contact you. And when a prospect issues an RFP, they will be far more likely to send it to you.
  1. When prospects perform an online search for the category of services your company offers, they will see you’ve been published in the press, which generates a favorable impression.
  1. Any marketing or sales campaigns you do will be more effective when recipients continuously see your company featured in the press. After all, studies have found it takes almost 10 marketing and sales touch points for a prospect to respond and take action.
  1. Prospects, clients and employees find validation when they see your company getting positive press, and they are more likely to want to continue doing business with you.

How to get Positive Publicity

Many companies think that issuing press releases is the key to positive publicity.  While it’s a start, distributing press releases is barely the tip of the iceberg.

Much like in sales when reaching prospects, outreach and proactive, ongoing communication with reporters is critical to generating the kind of positive publicity that gets companies noticed.

As I have pointed out in the past, many of the world’s best-known musicians would likely be singing at a local bar if it weren’t for their publicist.

That explains why so many companies hire public relations agencies to supplement their internal resources.  A great public relations agency will be staffed by executives with deep industry experience, extensive connections in the press, and talented industry writers.  A great agency will also have a comprehensive calendar to track what reporters plan to be writing about from week to week — or month to month — in the upcoming year.

When it comes to making your company famous, a publicist will have the upper hand.  After all, this is what they do.

So when you plan for 2018, think about the critical role public relations can play in your company’s growth.  If the effectiveness of your sales and marketing campaigns matter, then public relations matter.  It is the tide that raises all boats.

If you’d like help with your 2018 planning, whether it’s for public relations, marketing or social media, just let me know! We’d be happy to help. Contact me at

By Rosalie Berg, President, Strategic Vantage