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Mortgage advisory firm Identifies three key drivers behind company growth
and provides guidance on improving customer service

December 4, 2019 – GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO – STRATMOR Group, the mortgage industry’s leading data-driven advisory firm, has issued the November issue of its monthly Insights Report. The new report focuses on three elements of leadership that can help a company grow and on what leadership can do to encourage staff to embrace a customer-centric vision.

The Insights Report features CEO and Senior Partner Lisa Springer’s article, “What I Learned About Passion, Purpose and Persistence in Santorini, Greece,” where she reveals that most successful organizations typically have three key qualities in common: passion, purpose and persistence. “In today’s world, to succeed and grow, companies must overcome competition, rising costs, changing customer perceptions, the unpredictability of social media, and regulatory threats — in tandem,” Springer writes. “For mortgage lenders, the challenges of dealing with disparate systems, geographically dispersed locations, and different state and municipal laws and regulations creates even more complexity. It takes not only passion and purpose to succeed, it takes persistence.”

Springer uses examples from her recent trip to Greece to illustrate these three leadership elements. She explains that “people will naturally follow a passionate leader, but they won’t follow someone who is isn’t committed to the cause.”

Purpose, on the other hand, “is the bond that connects people. The most successful leaders have a clear, well-defined vision of why they do what they do. Purpose guides them in everything they do and draws in everybody in their organization. And, persistence is the fuel that helps great leaders and organizations overcome difficulties and opposition.”

Springer draws on several sources, including the November-December issue of the Harvard Business Review (HBR), which notes that purpose has become a value that people — especially millennials — want from the companies for which they work.

In a second article in November’s report, “Translating the Customer Experience Vision From Leadership to Loan Officer,” STRATMOR MortgageSAT Director Mike Seminari examined how lenders can adopt a vision for the customer experience that is supported by the entire organization. The key, Seminari said, is to create awareness and establish accountability to gain buy-in for the transition.

Seminari outlines several steps lenders can take to ensure their customer experience vision is embraced, including creating a vision statement, redefining the organization’s key performance indicators (KPIs), and offering incentives and awards.

“The real challenge is in getting that vision to catch fire within the whole organization,” Seminari writes. “It is essential for leadership and loan officers to have alignment on the answer to the vision question of ‘Why are we doing this?’ in order to create a positive and pervasive culture around borrower satisfaction.”

Click here to download the November 2019 edition of STRATMOR Insights Report.


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