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September 28, 2015 –Red Bank, NJ –  Vantage Production LLC, a leading provider of advanced automated marketing and sales acceleration solutions for mortgage lenders, has announced a major enhancement to its enterprise-class CRM platform, VIP. The new capability, Vantage Mobile, makes a full array of VIP’s renowned functionality available on mobile devices, enabling comprehensive “on the go” features that greatly amplify the success of mortgage loan originators (MLOs) in the field.

Unlike many mobile strategies that basically present a website that is accessible via a mobile device, Vantage Production’s advanced design brings a complete range of true mobile VIP capabilities to mortgage origination.  A recent study by Zogby Analytics indicated that 87% of millennials state their mobile device “never leaves their side, night or day” – and millennials are the next generation of both originators and homebuyers. Mobile is a trend that is growing every year, with mobile usage up almost tenfold since 2008.

“Lenders that are serious about staying competitive need a solid mobile strategy,” said Vantage Production president and CEO Sue Woodard, who personally originated loans for over 20 years. “A simple Internet presence is no longer enough,” she cautioned.  “Lenders need true functionality that benefits all parties, including MLOs, referral partners and borrowers.”

Vantage Mobile enables MLOs to easily conduct critical marketing, sales and service tasks—including referral partner relationship management—regardless of where they are or the time of day. VIP client MLOs can manage leads; view all client loan status data; access referral partner information, add new partners and implement co-marketing; plus perform other key tasks and quickly get information needed to accelerate sales and provide exemplary service that sets them apart.

In keeping with VIP’s product integrity standards, Vantage Mobile is fully integrated with the Vantage CRM, the SOC 2 Type 2 security protocols are identical, and the user interface provides an easy and intuitive MLO experience.

“Having the right answer at the right time to a borrower question or referral partner concern  often makes the difference between continued commitment to the MLO’s service and losing out to a competitor,” said Woodard..

“Vantage Mobile is a giant step forward for MLO sales effectiveness,” said Woodard. “Now loan originators can accomplish many tasks they would otherwise have to perform in their offices, such as adding a referral partner on the fly or launching a marketing campaign,” she explained. “Full information on every lead is available, along with critical MBS market information and analysis to help MLOs provide the best rate guidance possible,” she said.

“There is no additional cost to our clients for Vantage Mobile,” Woodard said.  “When originators can do things like create and send compliant open house flyers from their car, they benefit immediately from increased effectiveness,” she noted.  “Lenders using VIP profit from a jump in MLO productivity without incremental expense. Plus, mobile sales and marketing capabilities are precisely what the top-tier originators look for in an employer, so VIP clients will gain a very attractive tool in their recruitment offerings,” Woodard added.  “Vantage Mobile brilliantly fulfills a growing mortgage industry market need, empowering mortgage originators and lenders as never before,” she said.


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