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You don’t need to be Rob Chrisman or James Patterson to know that getting published can make you famous. Whether you’re writing thought leadership articles, blogs or books, a strategically placed, well-written piece can have significant, far-reaching benefits for an author and the company they represent.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a great writer to become published.  Many if not most published articles, blogs and even books by senior executives were ghost written for them by an accomplished writer.

So if you’ve ever pondered whether you should get published, here’s a rundown of some of the many not-so-evident benefits to doing so:

  1. Influence. If you and your company are looking to change the way business is done, or if you are seeking to convince people to choose the kinds of products or services you offer, getting published is key. Influencing the opinions of one’s peers can be critical to the success of any company. By getting published, you become a “person of influence,” someone who can help set the agenda for the industry and influence others to think like you do.
  2. Sales tool. By becoming published, you’ll pique the interest of prospects and be able to cement relationships with current clients. You can also use your published work as a sales piece. Order reprints and send them to clients, add them to your promotional packet, post a link to the article on your company website and social media pages, or use it on your blog.
  3. SEO ranking.  If you’re published in a widely-read media outlet and they include a link back to your website, that link will improve your website’s search engine ranking, making your company more visible to those who are looking for your services online.
  4. Search results. It’s not just about SEO ranking.  When people are looking for information on who you are, or on a product or service that your company provides, the first thing many of them will do is an online search.  When you appear as an expert on the topic of interest to them, they are far more likely to trust you and your company’s offerings.
  5. Respect. Having a published article in a well-regarded media outlet generates respect from your peers—and having several published articles can help your credibility skyrocket. More than ever, you’ll be seen as an authority.
  6. Speaking engagements. The aura of authority you receive from being published sets you up for speaking engagements, further cementing you as an industry leader. Many conference producers want to know what you’ve done before considering you as a speaker, and they may look you up online. Having published articles solidifies your reputation, making you an obvious go-to expert that conference organizers would be eager to include in their program – which will bring you even more exposure.
  7. Control. Unlike when a reporter quotes you in a story, when you are the one writing an article or blog for a media outlet, you are suddenly in control over the message and what gets published—and you get the limelight, without sharing it with others.  It also enables you to control how you and your company are portrayed, thereby creating a recognizable brand.
  8. Repeat publicity. Contributing an article establishes you as an expert on the topic. Other reporters and editors will likely take note, so once you’ve been published, they will be much more likely to call you for a quote or include you in their own stories.
  9. Awards. Your body of work – which is now public knowledge – creates the credentials you need to win coveted industry recognition and appreciation. That just further enhances your reputation and your company’s.


Indeed, getting published has countless benefits.  However, writing something doesn’t mean it automatically gets published. Editors, especially at the most respected media outlets, don’t just accept everything that comes into their email inbox. Your article must first pass editorial muster, and the more the editor likes it, the better placement you’ll get–and the more people will see it.

But will they read it once they see it?  Great articles get read—those with an intriguing headline, a compelling opener, and content that makes a statement. Boring or poorly written articles get overlooked – even worse, they can reflect badly on you and your company.

So don’t be shy about hiring a ghost-writer or editor. We’d be happy to help. Not only can we can secure interest from the right media outlet to publish your article, we’ll produce a piece you can be proud to showcase. To find out how we can help, contact us at or call (305) 971-6239.


By Rosalie Berg, President, Strategic Vantage